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Honeypot Marketing Weekly Digest for 2010-04-18

I just become a member of this AWESOME site that gets you TONS of followers: # Site speed an SEO ranking factor. Thank god, finally. This makes for a stronger case for some online biz to invest more in infrastructure. # A beautiful day for some Top Content date comparisons and fixing our problem […]

Honeypot Marketing Weekly Digest for 2010-04-11

Join now and win a $5,000 Family Room Reno. Enter daily for a chance to win Dr Oetker instant prizes *Canadians only #ad # Thankfully Kevin Rose is getting rid of the Digg toolbar & also clamping down on the "bury brigade" # Rising searches are your single best way to drive new […]

Honeypot Marketing Weekly Digest for 2010-03-14

Had a fantastic Webinar with the corporate and affiliate teams over at @homeenergyteam last night. # Congrats to @unbounce for the product launch. Looks great and loving it. Self serve landing pages are a marketers dream. # If you're a marketer you need @unbounce – on the fly landing pages, AB testing and self serve […]

Honeypot Marketing Weekly Digest for 2010-02-14

New Media: a giant bucket where "traditional" marketers don't know where to put things like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. # Rich media, social interactions and video are the future of the internet. Best to be ready for it and engage it rather than react. # Yesterday watch an awesome video on email optimization and recognized […]

Honeypot Marketing Weekly Digest for 2010-02-07

How Google ranks tweets # @Lumichrom Hey there it looks like we're neighbours 🙂 in reply to Lumichrom # @Lumichrom Yup we're in Cambridge – downtown Galt in fact. Nice to see some local businesses embracing social media, many don't. in reply to Lumichrom # Dear Clients: Coming soon to a computer screen near […]

Honeypot Marketing Weekly Digest for 2010-01-24

Stop playing defense with your business in a bad economy. Time to go on the offense. Great advice: # Very well said! RT @davenaylor SEO 101 Common Mistakes # Stupid PPC mistake of the day: A home energy auditor in NJ advertises to Canadians on Adwords. #iwastemoneyandtime # Excellent WordPress plugin – high […]

Honeypot Marketing Weekly Digest for 2010-01-17

Text "HAITI" to 45678 if you are in Canada and have Rogers, Bell or Fido to donate $5. Do it. Do it now! # @facebook has a brutally slow Advertising approval process. Pick it up guys! I've been waiting forever over here. # RT @dannomatic: Chinese govt hacks GMail, Google hacks back Cyberwars on […]

Honeypot Marketing Weekly Digest for 2010-01-10

Ok back to work in 2010! Hope you had a relaxing holiday. Now it's time to get down to some Internet Marketing. # Google Openly Profiles SEOs As Criminals RT @tweetmeme # We agree that @google is treating SEO's unfairly through profiling – a level playing field is in order. # If someone asks […]

Honeypot Marketing Weekly Digest for 2009-12-13

Google's real time search results break the usability of the SERP. In our humble opinion anyhow. # It's called crowdsourcing and it's a new way for you to get involved in making movies. Join, invest, be a producer 🙂 # Google's real time search integration of tweets is annoying, useless and breaks the Google […]

Honeypot Marketing Weekly Digest for 2009-12-06

Google Caffeine is now live on one datacenter (confirmed) # Cyber Monday is a fake holiday via US News – we'd tend to agree, but so is Valentine's Day # Social Media: here's what not to do… (brought to you by the BCS – shocker!) # Two low cost alternatives to Basecamp. […]