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Optimizing social media campaign performance [case study]

Last week Leslie Kay wrote about examples of successful social media campaigns. Social and integrated campaigns are a big part of life at Honeypot Marketing. This case study will walk you through a Facebook campaign which leveraged co-branding, meshed the promotion into physical locations and circled it all back to engaging real customers on a local level. What […]

Social marketing lil Bub

Why Lil Bub is a better marketer than you

It’s pretty evident that, these days, cats rule the internet. From grumpy cat to colonel meow, all have their very own way of interacting directly with their fans. In our opinion, the one that has it down the best is the one and only “happy accident” Lil Bub She’s philanthropic: It’s great to show your fans […]

10 mobile apps for the modern marketer

Like most social media, community and inbound marketing teams, we’re constantly on the move. This means it’s important for us to have mobile access to all of our most important tools. The list of social applications for the modern marketer is nearly endless. We decided to highlight our 10 most used applications, in no particular order, […]

Snicker social media campaign

Don’t try to be clever, be clever : The social media playbook

A terrible social media campaign can be hurt (or destroy) your attempts at turning your business into a successful and shareable online brand. While some have failed miserably in their social media campaigns, others have risen to the top, created fantastic campaigns and had a massive positive impact on their brand . I’ll be covering […]

Social media best practices for sales people

14 social media best practices for sales professionals

Facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Quora, MySpace and more – in today’s world, it seems like there are ever-expanding numbers of social networks. For sales professionals it means there are entirely new channels to utilize, it’s an exciting frontier! Unfortunately, it’s not fully understood and one-way communication tactics are often used in the two-way world of […]

Facebook won't update my post thumbnail

Thanks Tips! The Facebook thumbnail fix.

Justin, Leslie, Erica and I run into roadblocks everyday that although seemingly minor and annoying can in reality turn your day upside down for absolutely no reason. In this ongoing series, that we’re creatively calling: “Thanks Tips”, we’re going to share little gems, tricks and “hacks” we’ve come up with that may not save the […]

Some brands don't get social media

The rise of the consumer and two-way marketing

Are you talking to your customers, or are you talking at them? It wasn’t that long ago that consumers (that’s you and I!) actually appeared to be entertained by the idea of marketing, whether or not we even realized it was happening. The days of obnoxious commercials and collages of print ads seem to be […]

Increasing Your Facebook Page Effectiveness continues to roll forward gaining more influence, users and targeted users than any other social media site on the Internet. The double threat offers is not only a mass of users but the ability to target users in incredibly accurate ways. The end result? Wether you’re a Fortune 100 or a single person […]

Facebook Contest Policy Updates

On May 11, Facebook revised its promotions policy. This evolving set of legal guidelines govern all promotions run on Facebook, and outline what Page owners can and can not do when running promotions on Facebook to remain compliant with Facebook policy. The primary change to the Facebook promotions policy is the removal of some specific […]