Facebook Advertising

1.6 billion people worldwide are connected to a small business on Facebook.

Facebook Advertising - Social Media Advertising

“Social media is simply the current state of the Internet”

Social media engagement is at an all-time high and continues to grow substantially month over month and year over year.

Social advertising is most effective when we use a conversational, relatable social voice.

It is our goal to create “native” style ads or ads which appear to be content driven rather than directly promotional.

During the discovery phase we will recommend the most appropriate Social Media Channel for your brand and social amplification program.

All setup fees include account set-up or account auditing and optimization, reporting tracking and live dashboard development for real time performance monitoring.

Facebook & Instagram

Marketing Campaigns in 2019 are vastly different than in the past. All Facebook and Instagram campaigns are managed via the Facebook Business Manager.

Facebook Business Manager contains enormous amounts of data, directly from their platforms and combining data with 3rd party platforms (such as Equifax & TransUnion for financial data).

As advertisers, we are able to target our ideal customers from being "In Market" or currently researching a product type or having an "Affinity" or “Interest” for certain types of products.

Combined with extremely accurate data we are able to create "Custom Audience" groups. These Custom Audiences acquire data and save it to a Facebook Pixel specifically setup for your organization.

We attach this Facebook Pixel to all campaigns; data is collected within the Facebook Pixel and we continually receive more accurate and larger targeted audiences to be built.

This allows us to start a far-reaching brand campaign, build the "Custom Audiences” as interested leads interact by clicking through, performing actions and interacting with our campaign.

As we build these "Custom Audiences", we are able to target more specific actions and customized campaigns which will leads to a qualified lead and ultimately a converted customer.

The Facebook and Instagram channels are incredibly powerful & have enormous reach for all user demographics worldwide.

Our Facebook Campaign Process

Facebook Ads Campaign Strategy