Our Work

Lastest Update: April 19, 2015

Welcome to our portfolio of recent work. We've shared this with you so you can easily keep up-to-date with our most recent projects and provide you with a resource you can easily share with your colleagues and friends.


Video Production & Marketing Programs

We're firm believers in the conversion capability of a well thought out Video marketing program. Video marketing is more than creating a single video, it is about understanding your customer lifecycle and telling a story. We then work with you to weave these messages throughout your acquisition, activation, retention and re-activation funnels. The following playlist (powered by Vidyard) highlights selected video marketing and series projects for Second Foundation Consulting, TradeForce Tech and Beertown Public House.

WorldGaming On-Boarding and Activation Video Series

  • Complete on-boarding and product explainer video series
  • Scripted wrote, shot, produced, edited and marketed a 12 part video on-boarding series for a high profile eSports (competitive video gaming) provider
  • Utilized for on-boarding, customer support and promotion
  • Distributed via Wistia, YouTube and Facebook Video channels
  • Integrated into existing on-boarding (new user on-boarding) and re-activation programs.

Selected Portfolio Examples

Our skill set spans a number of core competencies with a focus on connecting marketing to your sales team and increasing your business:

  1. Online Marketing strategy.
  2. Campaign & Conversion Marketing.
  3. Web & Business Analytics (focused on ROI and Revenue tracking).
  4. Sales & Marketing Lead Generation
  5. Customer Retention Programs
  6. Email Marketing.
  7. Video Marketing.

We've selected some of our most recent deliverables from the following partners & clients:

  • Whistle Bear Golf Club
  • Swearnet + The Trailer Park Boys
  • Rare Republic
  • Rock The Bear with Tom Cochrane & Red Rider (Charity Music Festival)
  • Vidyard
  • The Charcoal Group of Restaurants
  • Demeure Travel

Whistle Bear Golf Club


Creative, social strategy, communication strategy & execution

2013-08-12 11.29.11 am
2013-08-12 11.28.50 am 2013-08-12 11.28.22 am

Swearnet + The Trailer Park Boys


Business model development, forecasting, tracking, email marketing, social strategy, communication strategy & execution


Rare Republic


Business development, conversion optimization, site design, landing page design, user acquisition and retention strategies, email marketing, social strategy, communication strategy & execution

RR-Business RR-Home RR-Community

Rock The Bear with Tom Cochrane & Red Rider


Marketing strategy & execution, design, business & conversion analytics, communication strategy: email, social and print/PR communication strategy

Tom Cochrane Rocks the Bear at Whistle Bear Golf Club -June 9th (20130812)


Content strategy, inbound marketing strategy & execution, content plan + execution, content creation (video + written).

Development of the Vidyard "Thought Leadership" series featuring: Michael Litt, Alan Quarry and other prominent marketing and technology innovators.

Video in 2013-Mobile, social and interactive (20130812)

The Charcoal Group of Restaurants

Beertown Public House

Social media and inbound strategy + execution, communication strategy, contesting, landing page and video marketing.

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/thecharcoalgroup (featured video is a Honeypot production)
  • Conceived Beertown Beer Bio program as an online lead magnet for patrons and also as a general awareness campaign
  • Scripted, shot, produced and marketed all 47 Beer Bio videos
  • Leveraged video assets for new employee training and brand (brewer) partnerships

thecharcoalgroup - YouTube (20130812)

Demeure Travel


Landing page management: wireframe, design, creation, execution, tracking. Email marketing strategy & execution.

Demeure-goligers Demeure-oviinbyrd Demeure-deloitte Demeure-blackfriday Demeure-breckenridge