About Us

We're an experienced team of conversion focused marketers specializing in demand and lead generation, inbound sales conversion, content creation, social media, email marketing, eCommerce and SEO strategies.

At Honeypot Marketing we've been delivering Digital Marketing services, technologies, strategies, and tactics since 2003 that show measurable results.

We believe that marketing is changing for the better and we're working to help businesses navigate that change. We believe that marketing shouldn't harass people and that software can be both easy to use and powerful.

We are always working hard to uncover more effective methods of modern marketing and communication by doing it ourselves and helping others do it.

Why Honeypot Marketing?


We're often asked: Why Honeypot? What does Honeypot mean?

Amusingly enough, there is a story behind that. Check out the video below to learn a bit more about why we are called Honeypot Marketing and some of our core beliefs:

We believe that for far too long marketers and marketing agencies have been using terms and techniques such as: covert, guerrilla, stealth, and undercover. Consumers should never be attacked or tricked, after all, we are all consumers.

We believe that through our products, services, sales and marketing we should delight and attract our potential customers, much like a pot of good ol' fashioned honey:

Bees Honey.
Bears Honey.
People Honey.
Everyone 's Honey.


Through our experiences and work we have come to value the following philosophies:

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.

Working programs over comprehensive documentation.

Customer collaboration over contract negotiation.

Responding to change over dogmatically following an out-of-date plan.

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more.

Our Mission

To change the way businesses market and communicate online in the new media landscape through innovative strategies and execution provided by the brightest stars in online marketing.

Many digital marketing companies claim success once they have achieved a handful of rankings for your website or have garnered you additional Facebook fans. The mission must not stop there. We also are firm believers in integrated marketing strategies.

Internet marketing is not here to replace every other channel of communication, we believe a strong internet presence will provide invaluable magnification for all other marketing and communication efforts. High tides lift all boats.

Achieving online visibility and consumer engagement is merely a means to an end; there are many factors that we focus on when working with you:

Increase - Targeted Traffic

Increase - Revenue Generation

Increase - ROI

Increase - Brand Awareness

Increase - Consumer Engagement

Increase - Customer Loyalty

Decrease - Cost Per Acquisition

Decrease - Visitor Abandonment Rates

Decrease - Competitor Advantages

Our years of experience and expertise also allow us to provide our clients with the following online marketing solutions:

    • Inbound Marketing
    • Content Creation
    • Community Building and Social Communication
    • Inbound Lead Generation
    • Press Release Creation and Optimization
    • Website Conversion Rate Optimization
    • Local Search Optimization
    • Web Analytics and Business Analysis

As our core competency, online marketing, begins to show significant Returns-on-Investment, we continually look for other strategic opportunities to position your brand, and products such that your momentum is continually increased.

Our Appreciation

On behalf of the entire team at Honeypot Marketing, I would like to thank you for your interest in our Digital Marketing, eCommerce and Marketing Automation Platform solutions.

We understand that clients come in all shapes and all sizes, with a litany of needs. Our comprehension of how to provide custom solutions, resulting in positive outcomes, is what your company needs to become a definitive leader within its online industry.

The entire team here at Honeypot Marketing looks forward to successfully exceeding your goals and building a solid bridge of trust in our future business relationship.

Best Regards,

Dan Nedelko
[email protected]

Let's Get Growing!