Dan Nedelko

Here's the semi-formal introduction to Dan Nedelko, Founder and CEO of Honeypot Marketing:

Dan Nedelko has 19 years of experience in the marketing, business and software industries. This also includes 7 years experience of bringing innovation to life in cutting-edge internet marketing strategy/execution, technology infrastructure, gaming business strategy and multidisciplinary team building for numerous major online gaming brands throughout North America and Europe. Dan’s specific skill set lies in Online Marketing and Product Integration.

Dan’s background in Computer Science from Wilfrid Laurier University gives him unique insight into the integration of technology, his 19 years of Marketing and Business experience gives him the real world experience to bring that technology to life in the online world. This unique blend of business and technology knowledge garners unique insights and experience in profitably taking technology to market.

His experience with regulated industries has led Dan to work previously with the OLG (Ontario Lottery and Gaming), Molson, Labatt, and Diaggio over a 5 year period. He has also created complete online marketing strategies for many of the major online gaming brands and executed these strategies in a fast paced and ever changing online world. Most recently Dan has created and executed a comprehensive online marketing strategy for a major online casino garnering over $168 million USD per annum in sales.

Now here's the not so formal part. Dan founded Honeypot Marketing in 2002 when he was working with Molson Canada, Japan Tobacco Inc and Diaggio on social networking and consumer related software.

Where did the name Honeypot Marketing originate?

As Director of Technical Sales and Development he would bring together the worlds of Marketing and the Software Development teams in order to ensure the technology met the business needs of the company and the client.

As a software developer himself (in a former life) Dan would encourage meetings with both Marketing and Development groups so everyone had a unified vision of the project goals and realistic development targets. Here's how Dan recalls the origin of the Honeypot Marketing name:

After one meeting in particular the lead database developer and I were chatting and he made a great point:

“Why are marketers always using tactics to attack potential customers? Guerrilla Marketing, Covert Marketing - it’s like a war. I know I’m being marketed to all the time so it should be like a Honeypot. Bears love it, bees love it, people love it. If we have something great we can put it out there, promote it and then the marketing is more like Honeypot Marketing that people will want to market to each other.”

I was pretty surprised to get this insight from a relatively quiet and soft spoken developer. It suffices to say that I immediately went and registered the domain and incorporated the company.

I could go on about our mission and beliefs over here at Honeypot Marketing but I think you get the idea.

Oh, about the bee. It’s a take off on Invader Zim - the bee is intended to represent the bewildering world of marketing. It’s a bit tongue in cheek :)

Kind of like us.

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