Adrian Konstant, Video Marketing Specialist & Ninja Assassin

Adrian Konstant Videographer

Ready, Fire, Aim. Just go for it and course correct as you figure it out.

Who Are You?

Adrian at Work

Videographer, Motion Graphics, Audio Recording, Exporting Videos, Sending Videos, Videos, Videos, Videos.

Adrian at Play
In order of importance:

1: Ultimate Frisbee
2: Wife and Children
3: Writing and Making Fictional Films, Podcasting and becoming a successful filmmaker.

What Does a Day in the Life of Adrian Look Like?

  • Workday: I wake up before the sun is up… because of the daughter person, who wakes up at stupid o’ clock.
  • Before work, I will do some writing with a coffee and once at work, I start making videos.
  • I plan, shoot, edit, export and deliver various videos to whoever needs them. I am the video hammer!
  • At home, I will prepare dinner and spend time with the family, before going downstairs to work on more video stuff!
    Can you believe it? Crazy.

What Attracted You to Your Career?

I love filmmaking. Writing and directing my own feature films is my dream. In my journey to learn how to make feature films and TV shows I picked up a few lessons on how to make smashing videos and so I decided to put this skill to good use.

Best Thing About Your Job?

Video is 100% a language. I am able to take thousands of shots and audio segments, stitch the right ones together in a specific order and with the right music I can shape the way people feel about a certain subject. With this tool, I can make people feel, and I love that.

Most Challenging Thing About Your Job?

Sometimes there is too much footage. You can drown in footage and if you try to add too much into the story it can dilute the messaging. Going through ALL that footage can be time-consuming and sometimes I’ll need to make myself a second cup of coffee.

One Lesson You've Learned on the Job?

The right tools for the job will make all the difference in the world.

One Item You Can't Live Without?

My computers.

What Tool Do You Find Most Useful at Work?

Computer, Adobe Creative Cloud, Camera, Tripod and audio recorders

What's One Thing from Your Bucket List That You Have Done or Want to Do?

This year I want to do a triathlon. I just bought a bicycle last week.