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We are a sales & marketing optimization company that is changing the way business markets and sells. We integrate your assets with our platform, data, and exceptional people to produce measurable sales growth. We'll design and execute your program leveraging the following Modern Marketing channels:

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Fancy tools are only part of the equation. We are partners and experts with the most effective business marketing platforms

We are enterprise partners and specialists with the best of the best. Whether we're setting you up for the first time or optimizing your current platform, we unlock the potential of your platform and make it perform.

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Joh Keyes Honeypot Marketing testimonial

All in all, Dan’s energy, his sense of humour and his deep insights into the whole SEM world made it a joy to work with him…especially when he can take a subject like SEO and explain it to right-brain designers with the same inspiration a great leader can explain complex strategy to the rank and file

“I have worked for Dan throughout 2009 on myriad internet marketing projects spanning several multi-million dollar online properties. How can I better say that which has been said in other recommendations. Dan is truly an “SEO Magician” whose wizardry has brought our “bread and butter” sites to new levels of search engine exposure and our new sites from complete obscurity to top competitors. I can only hope some of this magic has worn off on me as well!”

“Dan is the most skilled internet marketer I’ve worked with. His grasp of SEO and all related disciplines is second to none in the industry. In our time working together, I saw Dan take our company from being fairly irrelevant in the search world, and bring it to #1 across the board. Somewhat akin to an online magician, he can conjure up company visibility and traffic like no one I’ve yet worked with. Always a pleasure to work with, Dan’s maturity in the online space and his tireless 24 hour desire to succeed put him at the top of the game.”

Sportsbook SEO

“I have followed Dan’s work for some time now and when a client of mine wanted to expand his Internet Marketing beyond SEO efforts, I immediately thought of Dan. I would highly recommend Dan’s consulting services to any site owner who is looking to increase their branding and ROI. All one has to do is take a look at the results Dan and HoneyPot Marketing, has achieved in the search engines for and to see how his knowledge can help your online business.”

Gambling and gaming SEO

I’ve always been a little skeptical of SEO guys, but Dan has opened my eyes to SEO like a blind man wanting to see Bill Gates wallet. His teamwork is superbly outstanding and 2nd to none. Three cheers for Dan!

Honeypot Marketing testimonials

“Dan is truly innovative and resourceful. He is adept at planning and implementing web strategies that will enhance the brand and notoriety of any online destination. I have learned a lot from Dan and enjoy working with him on a variety of initiatives.”

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