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With all of the buzz happening online through major social media networks many people are attempting to monitor the landscape of chatter from thousands of people through a litany of free social media monitoring tools.

Although from an upfront perspective this might be less expensive there is are a huge set of costs associated:

  1. Employee time factor. Someone has to run through each of these free tools and consolidate information.
  2. Manual consolidation of the information will cause inaccuracies due to Human Error.
  3. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) will change drastically as no definable system is being used to streamline this data.
  4. What Sentiment is coming from the Social Media Networks? Are you just getting a listing of all the chatter from disjoint social media sources? Again you may have data, but a hodge podge of data doesn't help?
  5. If a negative sentiment arises do you have a means of contacting the individual? How are you going to store/manage/recontact that individual in the future.
  6. More clearly how are you going to turn that person on a social network into a customer or a brand advocate?

These points all create a disorganized, disjoint and inaccurate way to track the Buzz on Social Media Networks.

Oh, one more thing. We monitor much more than Social Networks. We monitor news sources and specific websites - our service is more than Social Media Monitoring it's Online Reputaton Management.

We have a solution for you. Our Online Reputation Management Software and Service will allow you to:

  1. Automatically monitor hundreds of Social Media sites.
  2. Customize the system to add a specific site of importance to your business.
  3. Create a contact in the CRM and attach all of that individual's buzz into one consolidated record.
  4. Create detail, management, executive, and contact reports. Allowing you to take definable action.
  5. Define sentiments from the buzz and see an overall Trend. Do your customers see you positively? Negatively?
  6. Create brands and brand associations for you company, product line or even an individual.
  7. Create actionable reports. You can contact these potential customers, interact and turn them into active customers.

Want to see more? Check out an overview of our Online Reputation Management software and service here.

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