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What is a hashtag

The 5 Most Common Hashtag Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Update: With the passing of Margaret Thatcher, one organization caused “#nowthatcherisdead” to trend on Twitter. The problem? The Twitterverse read it as “Now that Cher is dead” instead of  “Now Thatcher is dead”. Queue the “If only we could turn back time. I believe in love after love. RIP Cher #nowthatcherisdead” tweets. Read over your […]

10 mobile apps for the modern marketer

Like most social media, community and inbound marketing teams, we’re constantly on the move. This means it’s important for us to have mobile access to all of our most important tools. The list of social applications for the modern marketer is nearly endless. We decided to highlight our 10 most used applications, in no particular order, […]

Honeypot Marketing Weekly Digest for 2010-04-18

I just become a member of this AWESOME site that gets you TONS of followers: http://tinyurl.com/y8gx7sb # Site speed an SEO ranking factor. Thank god, finally. This makes for a stronger case for some online biz to invest more in infrastructure. # A beautiful day for some Top Content date comparisons and fixing our problem […]

Honeypot Marketing Weekly Digest for 2010-04-11

Join now and win a $5,000 Family Room Reno. Enter daily for a chance to win Dr Oetker instant prizes *Canadians only #ad http://spn.tw/6f5x # Thankfully Kevin Rose is getting rid of the Digg toolbar & also clamping down on the "bury brigade" http://dannedelko.com/digg # Rising searches are your single best way to drive new […]

Honeypot Marketing Weekly Digest for 2010-03-14

Had a fantastic Webinar with the corporate and affiliate teams over at @homeenergyteam last night. # Congrats to @unbounce for the product launch. Looks great and loving it. Self serve landing pages are a marketers dream. # If you're a marketer you need @unbounce – on the fly landing pages, AB testing and self serve […]

Honeypot Marketing Weekly Digest for 2010-02-14

New Media: a giant bucket where "traditional" marketers don't know where to put things like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc. # Rich media, social interactions and video are the future of the internet. Best to be ready for it and engage it rather than react. # Yesterday watch an awesome video on email optimization and recognized […]

Honeypot Marketing Weekly Digest for 2010-02-07

How Google ranks tweets http://bit.ly/9XTSHu # @Lumichrom Hey there it looks like we're neighbours 🙂 in reply to Lumichrom # @Lumichrom Yup we're in Cambridge – downtown Galt in fact. Nice to see some local businesses embracing social media, many don't. in reply to Lumichrom # Dear Clients: Coming soon to a computer screen near […]