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Honeypot Marketing Weekly Digest for 2009-11-08

Updating all of our media packages for our web properties. # We find it flattering that competitors are bidding on our brand name through PPC even though we own the SERP http://twitpic.com/odrua # Offerpal CEO loses position after a very unprofessional response to @arrington and @techcrunch – good riddance http://bit.ly/4pw8yg # Powered by Twitter Tools

Honeypot Marketing Weekly Digest for 2009-11-01

Google treating a 410 return code as a bit "more permanent" than a 404. Is that like being a little bit pregnant? http://bit.ly/ucRKd # Just had an interesting chat with @aaranged about Social Media Strategy. Creating a SocMed strategy is one thing implementing it is another # RT @bluefinch604 #beatcancervancouver Opus Salon donating $0.01 to […]

Honeypot Marketing Weekly Digest for 2009-10-18

We're back it after the Thanksgiving weekend. Catching up on marketing, SEO, and SEM news this morning then wireframes and project planning! # Small Businesses finding Search more effective for lead gen than Social Networks – we would tend to agree http://bit.ly/15mCzv # A great response from Aaron Wall from @seobook about Powazek and his […]

Honeypot Marketing Weekly Digest for 2009-10-11

An excellent article – Can Google Stay on Top of the Web? http://bit.ly/1ZjAnI via @businessweek # The product needs to be great but the distribution channels have to be great as well. iPhone sales may double in 2010 http://bit.ly/nDEua # Being worked to death? Might be time for a change in the workplace atmosphere http://bit.ly/16u38C […]

Honeypot Marketing Weekly Digest for 2009-09-27

Going through the normal Monday morning reporting, noticing http://google.com index sizes are jumping around like mad. # I just signed up with Twellow, the Twitter directory. Check me out: http://twellow.com/u/honeypot_mkting # Even if you don't think you need a dual screen laptop, you really do 🙂 http://bit.ly/4Ed7nq # Our old friend Aaron Bradley shamelessly self […]

Honeypot Marketing Weekly Digest for 2009-09-20

Check out http://twitter.com/cocomodels – they have some big events this week coming up at TIFF (in Toronto!) # Been playing around with Wordstream's new free keyword analysis tool. Liking the usability for sure! http://www.wordstream.com/keywords/ # It's always nice to see your site gaining authority (and traffic) organically through structure and planning http://twitpic.com/huxdf # Adobe buys […]

Honeypot Marketing Weekly Digest for 2009-09-06

Google's index sizes are fluctuating wildly for various terms. Always an indicator of updates. # Google Caffeine results are far out of line from the main Google Index. Anyone else seeing this? # Great article on using Twitter with case studies http://bit.ly/11D7Eu are you implementing these strategies? # A handy list of Do Follow blogs: […]

Honeypot Marketing Weekly Digest for 2009-08-30

British Columbia introduces legal online gambling: http://dannedelko.com/1v1 flood gates opening? # Guide to Getting Your Child Ready for Kindergarten http://bit.ly/10bZlu RT @mamahanna11 # Rival Schools has inadvertently become specialists in casual gaming, and the timing couldn’t be any better. http://pitch.pe/23665 # We are implementing CubePoints for WordPress a fantastic way to distribute points and redemption […]

Honeypot Marketing Weekly Digest for 2009-08-16

Monday morning brainfood. Can you trust your boss? http://dannedelko.com/6ps # Will the US Congress stop the Yahoo-Microsoft Deal? http://dannedelko.com/tfx # iFart versus Pull My Finger – iTunes apps legal battles from Jon Stewart http://dannedelko.com/k8g # What's next for FriendFeed after the Facebook purchase? http://dannedelko.com/chm # Fantastic argument. Now is NOT the time to cut Marketing […]