4 Facebook Campaign Game Plans to Ensure Success

A Facebook campaign is a great way to accumulate those valuable leads and narrow down your ideal market. Let us show you the best campaigns you can use today that will help you find success.

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What's New?

What's new in marketing:

  • Pinterest loses millions of users.
  • Snapchat launches "My Places."
  • Instagram expands reels to 60 seconds.
  • Facebook launches "Campaign Ideas Generator.

."Pinterest Loses 24 Million Users as Lockdowns Ease – After reporting 11 quarters of consecutive user growth, Pinterest has taken a hit, with the platform seeing a decline in overall users in Q2, though its revenue results remained strong for the period.

Snapchat Launches 'My Places' To Highlight Local Businesses of Interest Within the Snap Map – Snapchat is looking to improve business discovery in the app with a new element in Snap Map called 'My Places,' which will highlight popular businesses and places you've previously visited, on the map display.

Instagram Expands Reels to 60 Seconds – In an utterly unsurprising update, Instagram has today announced that the Reels length limit is being extended from 30 seconds to 60 seconds for all users.

Facebook Launches 'Campaign Ideas Generator' to Help Businesses with their Promotional Efforts – Today, Facebook has launched a new Campaign Ideas Generator mini-site, which aims to help spark inspiration for your promotional approaches through various insights, templates, and recommendations specific to seasonal events and business types.

What's Working?

Would you enter a match without a solid game plan? It's the same for a Facebook campaign. You need to create a plan that is going to get you the most for your business.

4 Facebook Campaign Game Plans to Ensure Success - Agenda

Who is your audience? What is their demographic? There are essential elements about Facebook Campaigns that you should know to ensure you succeed.

4 Facebook Campaign Game Plans to Ensure Success

The 4 Facebook campaigns we'll be focusing on are Lead Magnet, Local Business, Webinar, and E-commerce. Let's begin!

Facebook & Instagram Campaign Structure

1. Lead Magnet Campaigns - See & Think

A lead magnet is a free resource that attracts potential customers for your niche to click on.

Lead magnets are at the top of the funnel as they target those not yet in the consideration stage. By providing valuable content, you can turn these people into leads and further nurture them.

The conversion path that turns website visitors into leads – and the role email marketing plays in this process include:

  • Call to Action (CTA)
  • Landing Page
  • Thank-You Page
  • Follow-Up Email

Lead Magnet Campaigns - See & Think

Lead Magnet Audiences

The goal of a lead magnet is to offer something your audience wants in exchange for their contact information.

To do this, you have to know what user persona you're targeting and what offer would entice them.

There are 2 ways to set up the lead magnet campaign targeting according to your business goals:

  • Brand Awareness - Broad audience targeting to build your custom audience base
    • Traffic campaign
    • Boosted posts
    • Demographics audience
  • Use custom build audiences such as:
    • Website visitors
    • Social media Engagements (Facebook and Instagram)
    • Contact list audience

Lead Magnet Audiences


2. Local Business Campaign - See

Local marketing is a strategy that targets potential customers within a specific radius (up to 50 miles) of the business's physical location.

It's also known as location-based marketing, neighbourhood marketing, or local store marketing.

Advantages of running local ads on Facebook:

  • Easily target people within a certain geographical area of your business.
  • Easily promote coupons and offers specific to the local demographics.
  • Target people who have bought from you in the past.

Local Business Campaign - See


Local Business Audiences

If your business is in a local market, you have a finite group of people you can serve. In any given market, there’s usually a population that’s ready to buy what you have. However, a higher percentage of users usually need what you have and are open to buying from you but they simply don’t know it yet.

Facebook local ad campaigns can be leveraged to focus primarily on educating your audience – not only on your industry, products/services, or business but also on the topics that relate directly to your business.

Use personalized messaging to target local users and get them to try your services and products by promoting offers and store visits.

Local Business Audiences


3. Webinar Campaigns

Use Facebook ads to drive people to a landing page or Facebook Lead Form Ads. These allow people to opt-in to your email list directly from the Facebook app, so there’s less friction involved in the process.

Contact the leads through email or Facebook messenger to remind them about the webinar. In this way, you get to use conversational informality to build a better relationship with your prospects. 

Test Facebook Messenger Ads to offer more dynamic personalization features. Promote your webinar and ask the users to send them a message that they would answer in the webinar. Facebook offers two ad types in Messenger Ads: Click to message and Sponsored message.

Webinar Campaigns


Webinar Audiences

Build Custom Audiences 

Take advantage of the custom audiences feature in Facebook Ads to target people who registered for past webinars as they are a potentially high-intent mid-funnel audience.

Target those who’ve purchased certain products or those who’ve visited combinations of your web pages. Increase customer retention by empowering your existing customers with product use case-specific tips. This way, you’re maximizing your ad budget because you’re only targeting people your brand has come in contact with already.

Webinar Audiences


Post-Webinar Nurturing

Your webinar is now a piece of Evergreen Content. Use it to create clips, infographics, wave format videos, and so much more. 

Post-Webinar Nurturing


4. E-commerce Campaigns

As a business, the chance of your target audience seeing your organic content on social media is lower than ever before. It’s becoming increasingly necessary to pay to play.

Users will see your products and can be directed to your Shopify site or a custom landing page.

An effective eCommerce paid strategy considers these:

  • Messaging
  • Eye-catching Ad Creatives
    • Retargeting Campaigns
  • Campaign Optimization

Ecommerce Campaigns


E-commerce - Get Started

  1. Put your store on the map.
  2. Add your business location to your Facebook Page.
  3. Add products to your Catalogs in the Business manager.
  4. Reach more shoppers with Personalized Ads.
  5. Advertise to local shoppers: 
    1. Connect with more people in your area with ads on Facebook. You can advertise directly from your Facebook Page to promote your business locally. 
    2. Just click or tap the Promote button at the top of your Page and choose the automated ads, new ad or post boost to promote your business locally.

Ecommerce - Get Started


Ecommerce Audiences

Build Custom Audiences to get more conversions. Target people who not only visited your product page but who also added the product to their cart and not checked out before completion.

That’s a huge pool of potential sales!

Create a Shopping Custom Audience to target your ads to multiple shopping events, such as people who have both Viewed Shop Home Page and Added a Product to Cart or exclude certain shopping events, such as people who have Added to Cart but not purchased.

Ecommerce Audiences

Campaign Tactics

Some great campaign tactics that you will want to take advantage of include: Non-Buyer Retargeting, Do Not Opt-In Retargeting, and Creating Broad Audiences.

How to Create Broad Audiences

How to Create Broad Audiences



IDFA Solutions

As more people, opt-out of tracking on iOS 14 devices, ads personalization, and performance reporting will be limited for both app and web conversion events.

Alternative Targeting strategies to consider:

  • Use broad audiences for inclusion.
  • Use targeting expansion.
  • Start building first-party data by installing the pixel on your website.
  • Integrate your CRM with Facebook to build lead and customer lists to be able to create remarketing and lookalike audiences.

IDFA Solutions


How to Convert Non-Buyers

How to Convert Non-Buyers


Wrapping It Up

Facebook Campaigns are a great way to help you reach your exact target audience.

And depending on the demographic of your audience, there are various types of campaigns that will work:

  • E-commerce
  • Lead Magnet
  • Webinar
  • Local Business

You want to be able to understand your goals when creating a campaign. Create a broad audience that can help you narrow down your ideal audience.

Knowing how to convert non-buyers and do not opt-in, will ensure you don’t miss out on potential leads.



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