Facebook Ads and What to Do When They Fail

Facebook Ads help can easily help your business market to the right audience, but there's more to it than just sending out an ad and hoping you get bites. Read on to find out what you need to do when your Facebook Ads fail.

What's New?

New in marketing this week:

  • TikTok replaces YouTube as the top VidCon sponsor.
  • YouTube adds new control options for shorts remixes.
  • LinkedIn Profile introduces Create Mode.
  • Instagram launches reels ads in all regions.

TikTok replaces YouTube as the top sponsor at VidCon – TikTok will be the title sponsor of this year's VidCon US. It takes over a YouTube position every year since 2013, barring 2020, when the event was cancelled due to the pandemic.

YouTube Adds New Control Options for Shorts Remixes – With YouTube rolling out its TikTok-like Shorts in more regions, it's also adding new options to give channel managers more controls over how Shorts creators can utilize their content. Including new analytics in the main app to help track Shorts' performance.

Introducing Creator Mode On Your LinkedIn Profile – Creator mode is a new introduction as part of a recent Profile update. Turning on creator mode more prominently displays your content and encourages others to follow you.

Instagram Launches Reels Ads in All Regions – Instagram is pushing ahead with the expansion of Reels ads, with the new format to be made available in all regions from today.

What's Working?

By setting up your campaigns right, Facebook Ads will drive high-quality engagements that produce value for your business.

What to do When your Facebook Ads Fail

They are often a much more profitable way to market your business than other advertising channels.

It's important to set them up correctly to avoid Ads that fail or do not perform.

So let's show you what to do so that your Facebook Ads succeed.

Top Reasons your Facebook Ads may be Failing

❌ Aggressive Retargeting

Retargeting can lead to Ad Blocking.

If you're serving the same people through the web and see the same Ads, they'll feel hunted and feel their privacy has been violated; this is also annoying for customers who have already been converted or made a purchase.

Agressive Retargeting

✔️ Leads Funnel

Build a funnel, so it’s specific to their position in their Customer Journey.

People further down the funnel will receive new content and messaging to help you further nurture them.

Jab. Jab. Jab. Right Hook.

Leads Funnel

❌ Overly Broad Targeting

Relying on the Facebook AI to choose which people to target could be helpful if you have a newer service and are unsure of your targets.

For those who have an established service or product, broad targeting won’t help narrow down the specific audience you intend to reach.

Overly Broad Targeting

✔️ Be Specific & Narrow Your Audience

You want to make the most of your resources, so it’s beneficial to use narrow targeting.

Narrowing on a slightly smaller audience and focusing your ad spend there can produce better results.

Be Specific & Narrow Your Audience


❌ Cold Audiences

Audiences can be ranked from cold to hot, with the primary difference being how aware they are of your brand, product, and services. 

These targeted users might be aware of your business but aren’t familiar with the details and everything you offer. 

You want to avoid targeting them until you’ve warmed them up, or they most likely won’t convert.

Cold Audiences

✔️ Warm Your Audience

It is important to re-engage your cold audience and ensure that you do not lose them forever.

You want to warm them up a bit before you spend resources targeting them with your offer.

Reintroduce these cold audiences to your product or service with fresh ad content, and start to build your connection.

Warm Your Audience

Not Using Audiences

Targeting your ads to a broad selection of people with hopes that they click or interact, is not an effective way of advertising.

Not using audiences leads to:

  • Indirect advertising efforts
  • Less engagement
  • Wasting your time, energy, and budget
  • Low conversion rates

Not Using Audiences

✔️ Use Custom & Look-a-Like Audiences

Why spend resources on people who aren’t interested in your product or service?

It is important to target based on real data with Custom Audiences.

Target your ads to specific audiences, and get your content in front of the eyes of the people it was designed for.

Use Custom & Look-a-Like Audiences


❌ Over-Targeting

Choosing a niche that is too small makes it harder for you to target effectively.

Only a percentage of the people you are targeting will see your ad, and an even smaller percentage will click.

You need a large enough audience to avoid having little to no Reach.


✔️ Understand Your Audience

It’s not always about having the most people to target; it can come down to choosing the right niche.

A niche can be too small, and therefore, your resources are wasted on only a few people.

Find a niche that has enough of an audience to target.

Understand Your Audience


Inconsistent Messaging

How well does your ads copy match the messaging of the content that it leads to?

Inconsistencies in messaging can lead to low conversion rates as the user may feel they aren’t in the right spot.

Inconsistent Messaging

✔️ Match your Message to your Content

Having your ad messaging match with your content (e.g., a landing page) helps your conversions.

Strong message match reassures people they’ve come to the right place.

Avoid having the CTA (Call to Action) go to your homepage.

Match your Message to your Content


Neutral Message, Adding No Value

Neutral messages tell your reader something unpleasant or offer usual information.

Your audience needs to get something out of the ads they are clicking.

If it’s not useful, you’re most likely not getting the intended Reach.

Neutral Message, Adding No Value


✔️ Use Positive or Negative Sentiment

What is your audience getting out of your content?

Give your audience the juicy information from the start to capture their attention.

Strong Call-to-actions can lead to more conversions.

Use Positive or Negative Sentiment


❌ Manual Bidding

Manual bidding is available only for selected placements and is set when determining your budget.

If you lose the bids, you could potentially spend without any Reach.

Manual Bidding


✔️ Automated Bidding

Facebook will work with its algorithm to find the lowest cost for what you're bidding on.

It benchmarks your bids against other advertisers and determines how competitive getting your customers' attention is.

Let the algorithm bid for you so that it can bid properly.

Automated Bidding

Winning With Your Facebook Ads

Keep it relevant – The content must be targeted and not generalized. CTA is important to focus on the leads funnel.

Target – Audience engagement is essential, and using niche marketing strategies helps your ads succeed.

Use the Algorithm to your advantage  By automated bidding process and boosting the content.

Focus on frequency – Number of times a post has a direct relationship with increment in engagement.

Winning With Your Facebook Ads


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