Social Messaging and 8 Ways to Use It To Grow Your Business

Now that it's 2021, social messaging has come quite a long way. The features available to us have grown, and it's not just about a quick chat; it's so much more.

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What's new?

New in marketing this week: Apple doubles down on privacy, TikTok shares insights into sound marketing, WhatsApp may have a new feature, and Messenger API for Instagram.

Apple doubles down on privacy, further complicating tracking and targeting – The new changes, in addition to the App Tracking Transparency framework that rolled out earlier this year, are expected to make it more difficult for marketers to target and track consumers.

TikTok Shares New Insights Into the Importance of Sound for Marketing Promotions on the Platform – Music is a key part of the TikTok experience, with many of the platform's viral trends coming in response to songs and audio clips, which users then remix, re-purpose and reimagine in their own creative ways.

WhatsApp might soon come up with a new feature to verify log-in. According to news agency ANI, how it'll work – WhatsApp is working on a new feature — Flash Calls — that will verify user log-in on WhatsApp via an automated verification call instead of the six-digit verification code.

The Wait Is Over: Messenger API for Instagram Is Now Available to All Developers – The Messenger API is being owned up to all developers, making it possible for brands to offer messaging experiences on Instagram.

What's Working?

What exactly can social messaging do for your business? Many features have stormed these apps and are making it easier for users to create a relationship with their customers.

 8 Ways Social Messaging can Help you Grow your Business

Social messaging apps help answer questions, fulfill requests, and have other valuable conversations with users—in real-time.

It's quick and convenient to use, offering more tools and additional features.

What is Social Messaging?

These are specially designed application platforms that enable communications between one or more entities. They are:

  • Usually free to use
  • Private and secure
  • Built with instant and direct messaging

So why should your business use social messaging?

Utilizing the features can not only increase sales but make the user experience worthwhile.

What is Social Messaging?

What are the Benefits of Messaging Apps?

Reaching valuable leads and connecting with your audience is one of the many advantages of using social messaging apps for your business. 

Why is it so beneficial?

  • Interactions feel more personalized.
  • We live in a busy world, and it makes help just a click away.
  • Chatbots allow for quick & efficient response time.
  • Creates a personalized experience for your customers and builds relationships.
What are the benefits of social messaging apps?

Top Messenger Apps

Top Social Messaging AppsAccording to statisa.com

Top 5 Social Messaging Platforms

Social messaging platforms are becoming fully loaded with features that we never thought possible. The one-stop shop is something that many of these apps are striving for; let's take a look at the top 5 that are making an impact in the social messaging game:

Top 5 Social Messaging Apps

Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp

There is a combined 500 million users across these three platforms: 

Facebook Messenger

  • More than 20 billion messages exchanged between business & users/day.
  • More than 300 thousand active Chatbots.
  • Messenger Marketing leads to a 70% better open rate than email marketing.


  • 25 million business profiles.
  • 81% of users use Instagram to research products and companies.


  • Most popular app in over 100 countries.
  • Over 100 billion messages sent / day.
  • Companies benefit from using this platform for international communication with customers.
Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp


Chatbots in Messenger allows you to have an automated conversation with people who click on your Facebook Messenger to start a dialogue.

They are a series of menus or keywords that guide customers to the following steps, saving time and eliminating frivolous requests that don't lead to sales.

Messenger chatbots can be used for your website as well.

Your customers will be able to find what they need promptly while providing you with valuable information to nurture them further.

Facebook Messenger

Instagram DM Automation

Allows you to respond to customers and prospects immediately.

ManyChatChatfuel, or MobileMonkey helps you build an Instagram DM Automation.

Using Instagram DM automation for lead generation is an excellent way for your to generate ROI immediately.

Commercesoftwarereal estate, etc., can use this to qualify your customers from the start.

You can give somebody a response instantly—and elevate any conversations that aren’t automated.

Instagram DM Automation


Provides text messaginghold-to-talk voice messagingbroadcast messagingvideo calls and conferencingvideo gamesphotographs, and video sharing.

Allows brands to reach out to a vast audience and effectively raise brand awareness.

Top 5 Social Messaging Apps: WeChat

You can create content and target it to specific consumers who subscribe to your company based on their browsing history or location.

When companies show off their new products on WeChat, they can see live updates on the consumers’ first impressions.

Allows e-commerce companies to set up a digital ‘Micro Store’ so that users can browse products within the app and easily make purchases in just a few clicks.

Top 5 Social Messaging Apps: WeChat


A group of 5,000 people to broadcast your sales pitch, how does that sound?

Telegram is a messaging platform that holds end-to-end encryption keys, making it safer and much faster. 

It comes with multiple device functionality where photo editing and animated stickers can get more traction.

Privacy and security strategy has led to its growth to 400 million users, though it is banned in some countries.

Top 5 Social Messaging Apps: Telegram


Snapchat has 265 million daily users, of which 82% are under the age of 34 years old. With Snapchat, you can:

  • Send photos & videos that have a one-time view.
  • Play in-app games and discover new filters.
  • Send instant chat messages.

Why should your business use Snapchat?

  • Quick videos showcase company personality and culture.
  • Reach a broad audience.
  • Allows for interactivity, engagement.
  • A powerful vehicle for influencer marketing.
  • Create custom filters to increase brand awareness.
  • Design custom geofilters.
  • Create exposure.
Top 5 Social Messaging Apps: Snapchat


When you sign up for TextNow, you put in an area code and are given a list of numbers available in that area code.

A local number marks you as part of your community.

You can get your messages, voicemails, and calls from pretty much anything connected to the internet.

TextNow allows you to create a custom voicemail greeting to go with your business number.

With TextNow, you'll be able to create a more personal touch to your business, building a stronger relationship with your customers.

Top 5 Social Messaging Apps: TextNow

8 Ways to Grow your Business Using Social Messaging

So how can you use these amazing features to grow your business? We'll break down 8 ways you can take advantage of these stellar social messaging apps.

8 Ways Social Messaging can Help you Grow your Business
Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together. - James Cash Penney

#1 – Stay Top of Mind

Pushing relevant and personalized content allows your business to stay at the forefront of people’s minds.

Buzzfeed does this by sending personalized content to its subscribers, such as memes and gifs, daily. This small, daily interaction allows your company to showcase your personality. 

Subscribers have something to look forward to regularly, and your interaction won’t appear too corporate or bothersome.

Stay Top of Mind

#2 – Respond to Customers Instantly

Social messaging apps are designed to help you deliver instantone-on-one customer service.

Responding to customers promptly can help you create a better connection.

Allows you to understand better what your customers need so you can better help and nurture them.

Respond to Customers Instantly

#3 – Make it Personal 

Relevant offers are targeted suitable for the individual. 

Keep your conversations casual but direct. Start the message with the first name to get attention and use emoticons if required. 

Messages aren't the only way to interact with your customers; you need to do more than sell. There should be a human touch even while using scripted messages through chatbots. 

Having a rewards system or some incentive for loyalty can help ensure they continue to come back.

Send valuable information and something that is tailored to the specific needs.

Make it Personal

 #4 – Make Shopping more Fun

Entertain shoppers while helping them problem solve!

Whole Foods uses Facebook Messenger to help shoppers find new recipes. 

Users can simply message the Chatbot, send an emoji (e.g., eggplant), and the Bot will respond with recipes that use eggplants. What this provides for your customers is:

  • Convenience.
  • 24/7 assistance.
  • Creative, helpful, and interactive experience.
Make Shopping More Fun

#5 – Connect Directly

Use messenger apps internally to talk with influencers in your space one-on-one.

They’ll feel more connected to your brand and represent you well on their own social channels.

This way of communication is more personal than a blog or social network.

Connect Directly

#6 – Make Buying Easier 

Honest Responses – Direct messaging and having a private conversation gives genuine opinions to both parties.

Cost-effective – “Time is money”; hence when it is time-efficient, and it saves on expenditure.

Customers will usually get better advice allowing for a better connection and repeat visits.

The social messaging apps are direct and personalized, which facilitates decision-making.


Make Buying Easier

#7 – Promote your Product in Real-time

Younger generations value honest companies and upfront, so real-time promotions can be utilized to show your company’s transparency. Real-time promotions allow for minimal editing and Photoshop, which creates a sense of authenticity - something that many people look for these days.

Consider advertising through messenger platforms such as Snapchat for a quick and effective reach.

Promote your Product in Real-time

#8 – Tailoring Content to your Audience

Many people view content in different ways.

You want to make your content accessible to as many of these people as you can to reach more customers.

Experiment with an automated bot so you can share valuable content.

Tailoring Content to your Audience

The Power of Social Messaging

Social messaging is a revolution in service.

It's a powerful way to help increase engagement for your business.

You can influence the buyer's decision towards a product or service.

Social messaging allows you to create conflict resolution, mainly when used by corporations for customer service. If you can solve a problem quickly, you are more likely to see them come back.

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