Social Media : The Social Grow™ Program

Our Grow™ programs are the building blocks to enhance your current marketing programs or can act as a complete solution, as your marketing department. We keep things simple and only give you what you need – at the time you need it.

The Honeypot Marketing Grow™ programs include:

  • Strategic Grow™
  • Inbound Grow™
  • Social Grow™
  • Video Grow™

The Social Grow™ Program

Honeypot’s Social Grow™ program is a structured communications program. Our team of experienced marketers and community managers becomes an extension of your team with minimum disruption to your current structure.

Why is Social Important?

Social media is everywhere. It’s relevant, timely and growing at a rapid pace. Facebook alone has over a billion active users; Twitter has more than 200 million active users.

Social media is not limited to a young and innovative demographic; in fact the fastest growing groups in social media channels are adults from 45-65 years of age.

With such astounding numbers, the means of engaging in social media can seem overwhelming. The good news is that you don’t need to reach out to 800 million users; you just need to reach the right 100,000 potential customers and we know how to do just that.

Social media programs are also the best way to engage your current, local customers – we have the tools and capability to engage, retain and gain referrals through these social media networks like never before

What will the Honeypot Social Grow™ program achieve?

  1. Increase your business. Social media is extremely powerful for tapping into local trusted networks. You’ll gain additional visibility, be seen more often and in more relevant context than traditional media channels.
  2. Improve customer communication. The biggest danger is not having a platform to easily communicate with your customers. By implementing a strong social media program you’ll have the opportunity to resolve issues, cheerlead your brand advocates, create a fantastic impression on your current and potential clients and their social networks.
  3. Turn your customers into brand evangelists.They’ll talk about your company to their friends, engage with you online and grow your customer base.
  4. It will leverage your current marketing efforts in the social media space with little to no disruption to your staff and planning. Our goal is to extend your current messaging, rather than creating new ones.
  5. Train your staff to become social media mavens.Community management is our specialty; our team will provide seminars, training material and tools to ensure your team is fully prepared to engage in the program effectively.

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How does it Work?

Honeypot’s Social Grow™ program is designed to get you engaged with a social media program quickly and with as little disruption to your current employees as possible.  We’ve developed a roadmap for success over the years and we will work as a team throughout the process.

  1. Initial meeting. Let’s get to know each other, we’ll review your current marketing and advertising programs, learn more about your clientele and how you currently promote, communicate and retain them.
  2. Planning meeting. Now that we know a bit more, we’ll develop your first 6-month social media engagement roadmap. This will include defining recurring messaging, campaign concepts and an engagement strategy for the program.
  3. Tools and technology setup. One of the keys to success in the world of social media is to utilize professional tools and reporting technologies, keeping everything manageable. We’ll get things set up and train your core staff so that they are able to schedule content delivery, pull reports, and approve processes when the time comes.
  4. Team seminar. We will kick off the program to your entire team with a 90-minute introductory seminar to social media. It’s critical to get your staff on board and enthusiastic about the program in order to see that your organization succeeds in the world of social media. We’ll be there to evangelize, mentor, teach and help your team become effective brand advocates.
  5. Content planning and scheduling. Next we’ll gather all of your content and materials, create posts and schedule the release of these communications for you. At this point we’ll have offloaded the majority of the daily work and your team can focus on real-time events and the fun parts of social media engagement!
  6. Community management. We’ll always be your first line of communication for any consumer engagement. Once the communications voice and rules of engagement have been defined, our team is your team. We’ll defer to and communicate with you while providing a filter and managing the day-to-day mechanics of regular social media outreach.
  7. Reporting and Updating. As the program begins its second month we’ll be ready to launch campaigns, provide further insights into user behavior and show how social media can be used locally to benefit your company and turn your customers into your brand evangelists.


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