Strategic Marketing : Strategic Grow

The Honeypot Grow™ programs are the building blocks your Modern Marketing program. We keep things simple and only give you what you need – at the time you need it.

The Honeypot Marketing Grow™ programs include:

  • Strategic Grow™
  • Marketing2Sales Grow™
  • Inbound Grow™
  • Social Grow™
  • Video Grow™

Strategic Grow™

Increasing sales and attaining a viable competitive advantage starts with the right strategy. We work with your team to map out short and long term goals, construct targeted personas and develop an action plan for your company.

Since your strategy changes with the market, we will work together each month to ensure your strategic plan and ensuing tactics are relevant, timely and effective.

Strategic Marketing, Really?

Really! Your company’s strategic plan is your roadmap to continuous growth. It is the tool that defines the tone of all outbound communication and the markets where you will see the largest return.

Creating a Strategic Marketing plan enables us to:

  1. Better understand business goals and revenue targets.
  2. Uncover your social brand persona.
  3. Understand your audience, leads and customers.
  4. Prioritize the most effective marketing tactics for the greatest return.
  5. Develop an executable tactical marketing plan throughout the entire year.
  6. Create an agile marketing plan that thrives in an ever changing market.

How does it Work?

Strategic Grow™ focuses on developing your marketing roadmap to advances your companies overall business objectives. We want to make sure that you are getting the most from your marketing budget, and only spending marketing dollars that will lead to future sales. Strategic Grow optimizes this process.

Step 1: Discover.

Understanding your business is integral to delivering the most effective strategic plan. Together we will do a deep dive into your market and current marketing strategy to uncover the best opportunities for your future growth.

Step 2. Strategize.

We’ll then create a persona of your target audience and an action plan for future marketing activity. We’ll plan the tone of your marketing message, methods of distribution and specific channels to use.

Step 3: Execute.

Your team will be ready to execute the roadmap we’ve built. We will be here for support along the way and monitoring the market in preparation for our monthly Strategic check-in.

What Do I get with the Strategic Grow Program?

Professional Marketing Consultation

A senior member of our professional Honeypot team will be your designated specialist, for 20 hours each month, analyzing the market and creating/advancing your strategic plan.

We will work together to align your business objectives with your marketing activities. From here we will align your marketing goals with the appropriate add-on Grow programs, linking all activities back to your primary business goals.

Our Strategic Grow program yields the best results when launched in conjunction with Video Grow, Social Grow and Inbound Grow programs.