Email Marketing

Email is one of the currencies of modern communication and contrary to (some) popular belief: email marketing is nowhere near dead. We've been running email marketing platforms, campaigns and designing strategies around outreach via email for over a decade.

Email Marketing just plain works. See how.

Let us help you make your email marketing: from test, design to copywriting we'll work with you to ensure your message is resonating and most importantly, converting.

Creating an effective email marketing strategy involves the following steps:

  1. Defining your readers
  2. Determining your purpose
  3. Outlining your goals
  4. Determining your frequency
  5. Creating a timeline

Once you've done the above, the process has only just begun. It's then a matter of test, measure, revise.

Email marketing strategy

The B2B world says: email is h-o-t.

Organizations both large and small can benefit from a solid, smart and empirically driven email marketing strategy. We've been managing email marketing programs and platforms for over 10 years.

Let our experience save you time, money and increase performance significantly.