Why Lil Bub is a better marketer than you

It's pretty evident that, these days, cats rule the internet. From grumpy cat to colonel meow, all have their very own way of interacting directly with their fans. In our opinion, the one that has it down the best is the one and only "happy accident" Lil Bub

  1. She's philanthropic:
    It's great to show your fans that you care. If your Facebook brand page shows the ways in which does "good deeds" you become more likeable in the eyes of your online fans. Lil Bub is an expert at conveying charity. Most recently, Lil Bub reached out to her fans and asked them to help a feline friend in need. The campaign was a success and the in-need kitty received more than enough money to cover it's medical expenses. Additionally, Lil Bub is a strong advocate for animal shelters, she does many meet and greets at local animal shelters, promotes adoption, and donates a large portion of her earnings to animal charities. By showing that she herself cares, Lil Bub fans care about her even more.
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  2. She creates engaging fan content:
    Now why is engagement so important? Simply put, the more engagement your page receives, the more that your Facebook posts will show up in News Feeds and Timelines.  Ultimately, this means that your page will gain more online visibility and likely more fans. Lil Bub rocks at engaging her fan's she constantly provides content that is highly likeable, sharing, and that gets people talking, which are the key engagement metrics on Facebook. It's also important to note that engaging and captivating your fans is critical to success in the modern marketing world.
  3. She understands trends:
    It is important to engage with and relate your brand to current trends. As long is this is done in a way that is relateable to your brand and image, it is a great tactic. Using this strategy conveys to fans that you are engaged in the social landscape and it also enables to to gain new fans that are involved in these current trends. Most recently, Lil Bub has been using the hashtag #BilboBubbins, enabling her to play off the success of the movie, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. The main character in the Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins is on an adventure and, to fans, this conveys that Bub's life itself is an adventure.
  4. She replies to comments on her Facebook page:
    Across all social media channels, it is very important to engage with your fans when they are engaging with you. If there are any important questions and concerns it's a no brainer to answer back. However, it is also important to engage with the other comments too. Simply saying a "thank you, glad we could help" or making a clever joke can go a long way in increasing future engagement levels and making/retaining a loyal fan base."Well, I guess I make Internet now?"
  5. She inspires and motivates her fans:
    Lil Bub has an uncanny ability to make her fans believe that anything is possible despite your limitations (in Lil Bub's case these are multiple genetic deformities). Showing this kind of motivation encourages engagement and kind words such as "Bub can do anything she sets her mind to." By inspiring her fan base and gaining support through them, Lil Bub creates a sense of community on her brand page. In the long term, Lil Bubs fans are more than fans, they're emotionally invested and in her "tribe", she has created brand advocates.
  6. She is still surprised by her fame (such a modest bub):
    Being modest on social media is huge. Fans will not want to interact with a brand that is arrogant and full of themselves. Bub proves her modesty by taking realistic photos that showcase her flaws. She embraces her flaws and is proud of them. She doesn't try to make money from her fame either. All of her money is given to charity aside from a small portion that is kept for a Bub medical fund.
  7. She shares photos of her everyday life:
    By sharing photos of herself parking in her daily activities, whether it is taking a walk in the park, eating some yoghurt or suiting up for her astronaut space duties, Lil Bub becomes relateable and down-to-earth in the eyes of her fan base. Being relateable on Facebook and other social networks means that your fans are more willing to engage with you. They will see you as someone they want to talk to and will go out of their way to do it.
  8. She uploads consistent content to YouTube:
    Why use YouTube? Well, it's the number two social network in regards to U.S. market share of visits. This means that the majority of your Facebook fans are likely YouTube users too! So, by posting regular YouTube content, you are able to engage your fans in a whole other way and provide them with a different experience than on Facebook. Nothing really compares to YouTube when it comes to online video. Meaning, if you aren't on YouTube, you're already behind.
    [youtube]http://youtu.be/gHQMBa2Vr38[/youtube] (Sidenote: she also sounds like broken electronics)
  9. She shares her fan art (and gets lots of it):
    By sharing her fan art, Lil Bub motivates her fans to make more of it. This makes it a strong source of user-generated content. By including user-generated content in your social media strategies, you will be able to enhance your fan relationships and increase online visibility. Overall it leads to greater engagement across all your social channels.


Bonus Reasons Why Lil Bub Rocks

She will take on a grizzly bear for her fans (and win)

But, accepts the fact that she cannot win all her battles
She can't eat yogurt normally


On occasion, she believes she is a bowl of cereal

She is patriotic

No matter what, Lil Bub can always put a smile on your face 🙂

Before BUB was a BUB, she was a super tiny BUB.

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