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As we're speeding towards Christmas and everyone is trying to meet the before taking some time off with family and friends we're excited to introduce our weekly marketing digest : The Honeypot Buzz.

Our goal: more signal, less noise and giving you the distilled news that will have a positive impact on your marketing efforts.

Google changes the way images are delivered to Gmail users.

Ever wonder why in GMail you would be asked to "always display image from [insert name here]?

Well, they did this to protect you from unknown senders who might try to use images to compromise the security of your computer or mobile device. Typically we as the sender would host our email images elsewhere, our Email Service Provider (ESP) servers for example.

The big change? Google is now automagically hosting images delivered to their users.

When our recipients choose to load an image, they share a lot of information about themselves, including their location and the kind of device they're using. We as Marketers also learn, of course, that someone has opened our email.

What does it mean?

For the quality marketer, the change will likely affect our multiple open rate counts but it should also make our unique open rates more accurate. Also, our end users will by default see more of the images we send, more of the time.

To quote our good friends over at Mailchimp: "You’ve got to love Google for shaking things up every now and then. Gmail’s tabbed inbox changed how subscribers opened our emails, and now image caching changes how we track those opens. The good news is that we’re still able to track unique opens for each and every one of your subscribers."

We couldn't agree more!

Those crazy Canucks : CASL Coming into Force Next Year

We're all set to launch one of the world's most rigid anti-spam laws better known as Canadian Anti-Spam Law or CASL on 1st July, 2014 - there will be some significant changes for marketers coming down the pipe in 2014.

In the words of James Moore, Industry Minister the law is targeted and intended to "ban the most deceptive forms of spam like identity theft, phishing and spyware" however this will have big implications for how we communicate with consumers.

Although a scary proposition for many marketers, the reality is that we simply need to acquire direct consent from the end user before communicating to them.

What does that mean? Re-engagement campaigns, creating better content, and being charming in all of your marketing efforts. No more "automatically" registering individuals to an email or promotional list which they have not expressly consented to being a part of.

Since the penalties ring up to the tune of C$1Mn for individuals and C$10Mn for firms can be imposed under CASL, it's an important topic of conversation.

The good part? We've got you covered with an upcoming series and webinar with a leading CASL legal expert who will be able to answer any and all questions you as a marketer and business pro may have.

Learn more at Spam Fighter.

How to simplify your content marketing efforts via Moz.com

Content, content, content. It's the thing we all talk about yet it becomes one of the most difficult things to produce consistently for our inbound marketing efforts.

Like Jason mentions in his post "Simplify Your Inbound Marketing Process: Focus on Content Assets" on the Moz blog, we also spend approximately 70% of our time here at Honeypot on content creation: email, landing page, blog, and video.

His strategy is one we've evangelized for a very long time, specifically: create re-usable "evergreen" content that can take many forms such as a slideshare, email series, blog series and tie directly into a conversion point on your website or landing page you can then take that core content and craft a social communication around one piece of content.

Re-use, re-purpose and re-engage. It's faster, more effective and far more efficient.

If there's one thing you read this morning I would personally recommend reading this over your morning cup of coffee: Simplify Your Inbound Marketing Process: Focus on Content Assets.

Some things to think about leading into what is bound to be a hectic week for everyone!

If you're interested in effective and engaging marketing then we're interested in you! If you've got something to say, want to write a guest post on our blog or simply want to sit to discuss how to communicate effectively in a noisy, complicated landscape then we want to meet you.

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