Honeypot Marketing Weekly Digest for 2009-10-04

  • Google issues: tons of spam, split index (numerous examples), rapidly changing index sizes and odd results. GOOG has a case of the Mondays! #
  • Little SEO Tip: Google doesn't use the meta description for ranking, but it definitely can be used effectively as a call to action. #
  • Online Display Ad CTR down 50% to 8% in 2 years 85%of those clicks come from 8% . Banners=dying, there are other ways. http://bit.ly/36kCo1 #
  • Impressive results from Liveball & American Greetings - Conversion Optimization decreased CPA 20%, 45K inc. revenue http://bit.ly/19E6Hm #
  • Managing Large Search Marketing Campaigns - good webinar! http://bit.ly/2tw6l3 #

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