Honeypot Marketing Weekly Digest for 2009-12-06

  • Google Caffeine is now live on one datacenter (confirmed) #
  • Cyber Monday is a fake holiday via US News - we'd tend to agree, but so is Valentine's Day http://bit.ly/8YQGWj #
  • Social Media: here's what not to do... (brought to you by the BCS - shocker!) http://bit.ly/6qwpuQ #
  • Two low cost alternatives to Basecamp. ActiveCollab (which has a license fee) and ProjectPier (open source) http://projectpier.org #
  • After 2 days of customizing ProjectPier and getting things set up. I'm hooked, with a growing team, self hosted and in PHP, it's perfect #
  • RT @dankurani read The Honey Pot digital strategy ebook online: http://bit.ly/39vPDm #
  • @dankurani Amusing our agency is modelled on exactly the concepts you discuss. We love the name 🙂 #

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