Thanks Tips! How to Save a Photo from Instagram

One of the most effective types of content that will spur fan and consumer engagement is user-generated content. When our fans create content and we re-post, feature and generally magnify their content we have a fantastic opportunity to create brand advocates and excitement.

In the world of photo sharing and social, there’s no better source for quality user generated photos than Instagram, recently purchased by Facebook, Instagram continues to grow at an astounding rate, giving us the opportunity to widen social influence and circles.

On that note, today we’re going to lead you through the steps to saving a photo from Instagram to your computer, keep in mind there are a few ways to achieve this depending on your platform. This will allow us to share  fan-driven source of content across all of your business social profiles.

First off, a few hard and fast rules with respect to user generated content, if we don’t do the following we risk the wrath and anger of our fans:

  1. Always provide attribution, meaning give the original creator of the content credit somewhere prominent in your re-posting.
  2. If possible, tag them or @ reply to them! A simple note in the comment section of Instagram goes a long way to building up goodwill, first compliment them and then ask if it’s cool to use their content and add it to your own photo album.
  3. You could also share their URL (see below) or their original post (if you saw it on Facebook first).
  4. Be humble and thankful for their content, people tend to be protective of their photographs. Be respectful of that!
  5. Never use images of people without their consent, less of a legal issue it’s simply the right thing to do.

Now that we know how to share content our customers, fans and their friends create, let’s get down to the “how” of grabbing these photos.

Method #1 – Firefox Required!

Find the image you’d like to share and open it up in a new browser window, Instagram has a handy web view now so that should be relatively easy.

Sharing a UGC photo from Instagram

2. Right click on the image, you’ll see a menu appear and the menu item: View Background Image. It’ll look something like this:

Social media tricks.

3. The image will now open in a new tab, where you can easily save the image to your computer and re-post to your social profile:

Marketing with user generated content

You can now easily add the photo to your gallery or send it out to your fans.

Method #2 – Slightly More Technical

1. Make sure you have the photo opened in a new tab.

2. Right Click on the photo and click the “Inspect Element” button:

Save photo from instagram

3. Click the Resources tab, shown in the red circle.

Inspect element

4. Click the dropdown arrows for the Frames Folder and then the ( folder.

Resources in Inspect element

5. Click the 4th item in the ( folder to bring the image up to the right.

Selecting the image file

5. Scroll down on the image box and click the link at the bottom (shown by the big red arrow).

Getting the image to a new tab for saving

6. Save your picture from this link!

Now that we know how to save a photo from Instagram, we can start posting it on your various social networks to increase engagement from your followers and add diversity to your current online marketing content.

Just be sure to give credit to the original poster. They will love that you shared their picture and the fans that see it will love the fact that your brand pays close attention to its followers!

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  1. RonaldMcGullwin July 4, 2013 at 11:39 am #

    Simply go to:
    Put in your username and save the pictures with a simple right-click!
    Usable with a smartphone or pc. Enjoy 🙂

  2. Jeremy May 4, 2014 at 11:31 pm #

    on PC or Mac there is a google chrome extension that allows you to right click and save instagram pictures quick and easy. here is the link:

  3. Iliana July 13, 2014 at 1:17 am #



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