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Well interesting story that 🙂

We recently moved our entire site over to a new CMS, moved IP addresses and update quite a bit of the site content. Our toolbar PR has slipped off but we fully expect it to rebound fairly quickly as we are adding the following:

  1. New Site Services Pages.
  2. Interactive Content and Screencasts.
  3. Regular Blog Post Columns and Updates.
  4. Updated PDF versions of case studies, services and client tools.
  5. A new and improved client backend for reporting and other fantastic features.
  6. Guest blogging and guest posting columns.

Although it might appear to be a bad thing that our site has slipped it's in fact a good thing: Google, Bing and Yahoo have been spidering the site aggressively and we've been making tweaks to all of our XML sitemaps and the enclosed content.

Also as a note for anyone redirecting inbound links. When you 301 you index pages and page that had previously has inbound links it will take sometime for the engines to learn that the moves are permenant. This normal and should cause you no reason to panic. Search Engine Optimization is a marathon, not a sprint.

We fully expect a nice little rebound in the near future!

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