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Over the past couple of days there has been alot of chatter about the changes to the Google Home Page. These include:

  1. Enlarged Font in the search box.
  2. CSS Search Buttons (fancy).
  3. An enlarged text field for searching.

Now those are nice enough updates -  I wouldn't call them earth shattering as they are not likely to change the way a searcher interacts with Google.com. If a change in the Google UI changes how a web searcher (read: potential customer) finds sites then it can significantly affect the traffic generated to your website.

The newest change that we have seen over here at Honeypot Marketing is the addition of URL's into the Google Suggest Drop Down while you type in a search. Check out these screen shots:

Direct Links in Google Suggest

Direct Links in Google Suggest


More Direct Links in Google Suggest

"Amaz" triggers Amazon.com - slightly presumptive.

"Amaz" triggers Amazon.com - slightly presumptive.

We have not seen this until literally about 10 minutes ago and we are constantly checking the Google UI and SERPs as part of our day to day work.

This is a significant update as it can lead to your web visitors bypassing a Search Engine Result Page all together.

This makes a #1 ranking even more significantly important for your business (depending on your point of view). Please post your comments and/or screenshots if you have them!

Additional Observation: This seems to be triggered inconsistently and is triggering domain name matches rather than any kind of semantic or meaningful match. We could be wrong but that seems to be the case at this moment.

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