Seventy Unique Lead Magnet Ideas : RM101 : Week 7

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Who wouldn't spend a few hours developing an asset that could generate thousands of dollars in business?

That's the idea behind lead magnets. Regardless of your type of business, they represent a fantastic way to generate inexpensive leads and warm future customers. Lead magnets can be completely free to create, making them more than worth the trouble.

As you read through this post, challenge yourself to identify twenty different lead magnets that you could create for your target demographic. Think about how quickly you could create those magnets and generate a positive ROI in the form of new or retained customers. Just remember that they work in conjunction with effective funnels—they probably won't generate leads on their own.

Without further ado, I present to you this master list of 70 different lead magnet ideas to start building your business.

Educational Lead Magnets

These are simply designed to educate the lead on a certain topic, whether it's in the form of reading, short videos, or even audio clips. Make these easily digestible and informative.

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  1. Your Product Catalog
  2. Case Study
  3. Quotes (motivational, influential, inspirational)
  4. Newsletter
  5. Webinar Recording
  6. Predictions (for the market)
  7. Podcasts or Audio Clips
  8. Free Chapters (of a book, course, or eBook)
  9. Infographics
  10. eBooks
  11. Examples (of successful products/methods/etc.)
  12. A Course or Class
  13. Toolkit (list of essential tools)
  14. Manifestos (of your brand)
  15. State of the Industry Reports
  16. PDF Version of Webinar
  17. Mindmaps
  18. Event Recordings
  19. Powerpoint Presentations or Slide Decks
  20. Interview Transcripts
  21. Lists (like this one!)
  22. Illustrations
  23. Live Event Recaps (compilation of highlights)
  24. Graphs
  25. Timelines
  26. Magazine Subscriptions
  27. Video Training
  28. Breakdowns (in-depth topic explanation)
  29. FAQs (and answers to them)
  30. Bundles (of multiple things listed above)

Tool Lead Magnets

These are tools which readers can use pragmatically or use as a guide while they work through their own tasks. Make these practical and easy to use so that users might recommend them to friends and colleagues. 

man completes a checklist that he downloaded as a lead magnet on his tablet


  1. Checklists/Cheat Sheets
  2. Quizzes (let them learn something about themselves)
  3. Step-by-Step Guides
  4. Spreadsheet Templates (save the lead time creating their own Excel sheet)
  5. Calculators (such as a profit calculator)
  6. Idea Files (Amazon private-label product ideas)
  7. Planners
  8. Web Apps
  9. Templates
  10. A Calendar
  11. Swipe Files
  12. Workbooks
  13. Challenges (for example, a 30-day workout schedule)
  14. Process Diagrams 
  15. Blueprints
  16. Scripts
  17. Fast-Start Guides
  18. VIP App Access
  19. Comparison Charts
  20. Work Samples

Offer Lead Magnets

These lead magnets involve giving the lead a paid product (or a portion of a product) for free or at a discount. Think of things that are easy for you to provide, yet make the customer want to come back for more. That's what you want to shine through in this kind of lead magnet. For example, many SaaS platforms offer a "free forever" version with limited features to entice paid users.

man earns a free download lead magnet on his phone

  1. Free Estimates
  2. Free Consultations
  3. Coupons
  4. Facebook Group Membership Access
  5. Giveaway/Contest Entry
  6. Free Coaching Sessions
  7. Free Posters
  8. Free Facility Tours
  9. Event Tickets
  10. Free Samples (get them hooked!)
  11. Exclusive Deals
  12. Surveys (let your opinion be heard)
  13. Free Trials (of a service you offer)
  14. Live Chat Access
  15. Resource Library Access
  16. Free Merchandise
  17. Notifications (for when you go live on a webinar)
  18. Certifications (only if they've completed something to earn it)
  19. Software Demos
  20. Loyalty Program Access

A Word on Landing Pages

It's worth noting the quality of your lead magnet won't matter if your landing page isn't optimized to convert leads. Leads need to make it far enough through your funnel to download the lead magnet in the first place. Ensure that your landing page is easy to read, compelling, and focused.

Check out this blog post on landing page myths and the truth behind them.

Having said that, presenting customers with low-quality lead magnets could convince them that the rest of your goods or services aren't that great, either. Put enough time into your landing page and lead magnet to ensure that both accurately reflect the premium quality of the goods and services you provide.

See an Example Lead Magnet and Bookmark This Page

I hope this jumpstarted your brainstorming session! Be sure to bookmark this page if you ever need lead magnet ideas in the future. For reference, check out this lead magnet that Honeypot has used recently to promote its Facebook Live series, Live at the Hive.

Help out other readers and comment below if I've missed any good ones!

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