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How to Repurpose Long Form Video for Social Media - Wrap Up

How to Repurpose Long Form Video for Social Media

Creating social media content can be an overwhelming and time-consuming job. A ton of resources go into prep, production, post-production, and distribution. Then, once you put it all out there, it either takes or doesn’t take, and all of your efforts have resulted in a short-lived outcome. It can be a frustrating and soul-sucking experience. […]

Instagram Fundamentals: From Zero to Hero

Instagram Fundamentals: From Zero to Hero

It’s time to get serious about building your Instagram account and posting relevant content that your viewers will love, so what’s the first step? Let’s take you through the Instagram Fundamentals.   What’s New? What’s new in marketing? YouTube adds video chapter listings in search, Snapchat introduces a new tool, Twitter announces DM improvements, and YouTube […]

Advanced Search Intent Optimization

Beyond Keywords: Understanding Search Intent

You’ve nailed the queries and keywords that will drive your SEO efforts. You’ve created high-quality content that matches your query list. But things may not be going as well as you thought. Maybe your not ranking well enough for highly competitive terms that will drive motivated users to your website. Maybe you do rank, you’re […]

Free Trial Email Automation Workflow

10 Awesome Campaign Automations to Scale Your Business

We’re all down for making our lives easier, right? Well, with automations, it’s your business’ opportunity to utilize a tool that can change the way you interact with your customers. And with this blog, we’ll be focusing on campaign automations in ActiveCampaign.   What’s New? What’s new in marketing: LinkedIn Updates’ People You May Know’ Recommendations – […]

Social Media Calendars: Creating One the Right Way

Social media calendars are great tools that can help any business stay aligned throughout the entire process, whether with you or an entire team. But how exactly do you create a social media calendar the right way? What’s New? What’s new in marketing: TikTok launches new Unplugged info sessions, Apple’s new iOS 15 update, and […]

Tailoring Content to your Audience

Social Messaging and 8 Ways to Use It To Grow Your Business

Now that it’s 2021, social messaging has come quite a long way. The features available to us have grown, and it’s not just about a quick chat; it’s so much more. What’s new? New in marketing this week: Apple doubles down on privacy, TikTok shares insights into sound marketing, WhatsApp may have a new feature, and […]

Building your Brand in 2021 – Communication

Building your Brand in 2021

When it comes to building your brand, there’s so much more to it than just the appearance. You’ve got to think about what your audience will think, say, and feel about your business. When you’re not in the room, what are people saying? What’s New? New in marketing this week: College students are gaining valuable work experience, salesforce expands […]