Unleashing the Power of TikTok for Your Business – How to Get Started and Grow

How can social media help businesses grow their reach across multiple channels while maintaining an active presence?

The vast majority of users on TikTok are in the United States, with almost half using it daily.

A recent study found that people spend 8 out of 10 minutes playing around and engaging with content from other users within this app.

Let's dive into how you can unleash the power of TikTok for your business.

Generating Real Business on TikTok

On TikTok, one of the things that made it unique so much was how short videos were on average.

It's perfect for posting an idea or thought and then getting feedback from others immediately - without sitting through a long video just waiting around!

The 30-second variety is excellent, too because if someone runs into your post while scrolling through their feed.

Generating Real Business on TikTok


They'll have enough information at hand without needing any more info upfront to get what you're saying across effectively.

The 10-minute TikTok is perfect for businesses and professionals alike.

You can convey a lot in just 10 minutes, but you must do so with short content nuggets, making them easy to digest!

Dispelling TikTok Myths

Many people have misconceptions about TikTok, which can be a challenge when trying to run your business.

Many people still believe one of the biggest misconceptions is that TikTok only has music and lip-syncing apps.

However, as it turns out, there are almost 200 million active users on this platform from a statistical perspective which means they're everybody!

You can see ads during sporting events such as ESPN, where you will find videos instead of vertical slideshows now replacing traditional commercials while tuning into our favourite shows.


TikTok Myths


Another biggest misconception about TikTok is that it only caters to younger audiences.

The platform has 200 million active users, with a tiny percentage who create their content here.

Everyone else lurks around and enjoys what others post instead of getting involved themselves!

Whatever your industry, if you put yourself out there on TikTok and start creating content aimed at attracting potential customers who may not be using the app yet, they will eventually come across it.

What are the Benefits for Business on TikTok?

Understanding your niche is just as crucial to a business's success.

To have the right audience, you should focus on those who will be most engaged with what you offer and care about it deeply - not for having a vanity number.

But because this smaller group can help grow awareness around products/services through word-of-mouth marketing.

It has been shown time after again benefits companies directly without any additional effort needed!


Benefits for business


Getting Started on TikTok

To get started on TikTok, You need your camera set up over there and then maybe have an HD or 4k cam running on the other side because we're going for quality here!

Take the time to condense all of that information down into one, two or three sentences so they can easily understand what you're saying.


Getting started with TikTok


Structure in the opening hook and call-to-action (CTA), you can get your point across quickly while still providing value that will keep them interested enough for more content from you!

Use simple language and integrate visuals where possible because this will help keep your viewers engaged!

Growing on TikTok.

The TikTok community is an excellent place for small businesses to grow their fan base.

In this competitive and ever-changing digital world, it's refreshing when someone can find inspiration from other users who share similar interests as them.

The platform promotes collaboration between these diverse groups by allowing everyone without feeling too pressured by one another.

TikTok Community


On TikTok, the user is more connected with their audience. In contrast to that on YouTube or Twitch, there is a collective hive mind.

The difference between these platforms lies in maintaining intimacy while maintaining some formality/professionalism when necessary.

It is vital to collaborate with other businesses with complementary products or services; this will help you grow and expand your reach by building up an account base near your size while also increasing traffic for both parties in return!

It's important to comment on the content you share regularly.

By commenting, we give others a chance and incentive for responding and build signals out so that they will see our posts as well.


TikTok Collaborations


The key to becoming a successful influencer is learning how you can train the algorithm.

You should decide who your target audience is, visit their profiles and follow them back to see that their account needs more attention from others just like themselves!

To make your videos more engaging, you need to think about how they're structured and what counts in the first place.

For example: don't just film everything without organization or theme; instead, create those themes, stick with them test different ones.

Do not have a lip sync video because of trends if it doesn't fit your business.

TikTok Engagement

There are many different ways to create a marketing funnel, but one of the most important is making sure you have link trees.

Link Trees allow people on your website or social media pages from various sources to interact with each other to continue down their path towards conversion; this means they need something worth clicking toward at every step!

Link Trees


That's a wrap

TikTok is an amazing way to grow your following online. While it may be easier to use than other platforms, it still requires strategy.


That's a wrap


We'd like to thank Austin Armstrong for joining us on this episode of Live at the Hive.

Austin Armstrong is a lifelong digital marketer, public speaker, and CEO of Socialty Pro, a digital marketing agency specializing in TikTok marketing for businesses and Search Engine Optimization. Austin has posted over 1800 videos on TikTok tripling his own business and thousands more across his clients' accounts. Austin loves helping individuals and companies grow their online presence in order to generate brand awareness, customers, and product sales by getting creative and thinking outside of the box.

BusinessTok is a TikTok marketing podcast that highlights real business owners and entrepreneurs that are leveraging TikTok to grow their business and generate income. You will learn what goes on behind the scenes and the tactical strategies for how to leverage the fastest-growing social media platform ever to grow your business.

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