Beyond Lead Gen: How to Engage Your Leads and Prospects

You wouldn't ask someone to marry you on the first date, would you?

Then why do some businesses ask for a sale before they've built trust? 

We can help show you how to provide a service to go above and beyond with lead gen by engaging your leads.

Let's dive in!

What's Working?

What's working?


Example Scenario

  • Dave and Jen are married with 2 kids.
  • They are both millennials with high-paying jobs.
  • They want to be financially stable when they retire.
  • Currently, they don’t have anything set up.

Example Scenario


Engage Your Leads with Storytelling

Stories create experiences!

  • Good storytelling helps build trust and transparency.
  • People love images! Deliver an authentic story with visual representation.
  • Stories can invoke hype through emotion to spark people’s interests.
  • Your story can influence decisions by creating an experience.


Engage Your Leads with Storytelling


A good story can showcase investment opportunities to help people retire with ease.

Address Pain Points and Objections

Addressing pain points that your prospects may have is a great way to ease their concerns and nurture them into a lead.

What objections could they have?
Prospect: “I don’t have enough money to invest right now.”

Let them know you’re here to take care of their concerns. “If you invest with us, you can put as little as “x” down, and we’ll take care of the rest!”

Address Pain Points and Objections
Offering solutions to issues before they arise is a great way to ensure you’re nurturing leads.

Ideas for Engaging CTA’s

Your CTA should captivate your leads into engaging with your business. Here are some ideas!

  • Identify with your audience; use their language.
  • Make it fun! Use humour if it fits your brand.
  • Give your readers instant gratification when they click (ex. immediate downloads).
  • Make it clear in your CTA that you’re more than willing to help (add contact info).

Ideas for Engaging CTA’s


Repurposed Social Posts

There are leads on all social channels, but there are unique ways to interact with each.

Repurposing your content helps get the word out and can help you get awareness on all channels.

Repurposed Social Posts


Investment opportunities are great, but they will differ for your LinkedIn and Instagram audiences.

Free Q/A Live Video

People feel a closer connection once they’ve asked a question directly and received your thoughtful answer. 

Free Q/A Live Video

By being accessible to your prospects in real-time, you can give them what they want and begin to build customer relationships.

  • Make sure to schedule and train
  • If nobody shows up, involve friends and family!
  • Be prepared for questions
  • Have 20 questions prepared

Email Sequence

10 things you can do today to start an investment portfolio in a bear market; this can be done through email, providing 1-on-1 communication through a 5-day sequence.

Email Sequence


Each email can provide a tidbit of useful information, leading to an end goal.

Lead Magnet

Building a lead magnet is a solid and engaging way to follow up with your prospects.

A lead magnet can help them fully understand ways you can help and teach them something they may not already know.

Lead Magnet


Show them your expertise to help them feel confident in investing with you.

Pre-scheduled or Live Webinars

Webinars allow you to offer your audience value right away.

Pre-scheduled or Live Webinars

With webinars, you can build a better brand image and nurture the leads you already have.

  • Create mini webinars
  • Ensure it's further down in the funnel
  • Warm your leads before getting them to register
  • Always have a moderator to monitor the chat

Free One-on-One Sessions

Free one-on-one sessions carry no pressure and require little time and an excellent opportunity for targeted leads.

It's a chance to show how good you are. It's a great way to develop a personal, one-on-one relationship.

It allows you to demonstrate how you can help your prospects by helping them for free.

Free One-on-One Sessions

Free Consulting Hour

Give your leads the option for free consulting.

When it comes to investing, it’s no easy task. Help guide your leads through a consultation.

Offer them the consultation and provide them with specific ways that this consultation can help.


Free Consulting Hour


Examples of What Not to Do…

  • Repeated Phone calls or emails
  • Over personalizing
  • Ignore the lead
  • Sending template communications
  • Being over-informative
  • Making it about YOU and not THEM

Examples of What Not to Do…


That’s a Wrap!

Getting a lead is only a portion of the battle.

How you engage with them after that will determine whether they become a customer.

We’ve discussed many ways to engage your leads, but use the one that works for your business.

That’s a Wrap!

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