Using Email to Attract, Engage and Retain Customers

Did you know that 99% of consumers check their email every day, and it is by far the preferred method to receive updates from brands?

Not to mention that 73% of millennials prefer email communications from businesses, proving that email is far from dead.

Let us show you how to do just that by Using Email to Attract, Engage and Retain Customers.

What's New?

What is new in Marketing?

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What's Working?

While some marketing trends come and go, email remains to be one of the most vibrant and powerful channels available. 

What's on Tap?


Today we’ll discuss the importance of email marketing, and how to create a captivating and personalized experience for your subscribers. 

Email Is Not Dead

Although it’s one of the oldest forms of digital communication, email still outshines when it comes to usage. 

With over 2 billion users, it is important to recognize the benefits that email can bring you. 

With email marketing, you own the connections - you don’t have to worry about changes in algorithms affecting your reach. 

Focus on strategies that will help you create captivating emails that people actually want to open. 

Email is not dead

The Importance of Retention

Keeping clients happy so that they will return or even refer your business is the main goal.

First impressions mean a lot to a client. You want to keep things simple and friendly so they will return. 

You can also reward customer loyalty with incentives.

Surveys are also a great way to keep people engaged with your product.

The Importance of Retention

Consistency & Structure

Consistent email marketing keeps communication with customers open.

Over time, consistent emails will nurture and build relationships with your email list.

It keeps your company fresh in the minds of consumers.

Consistency & Structure

When creating an email, these general components can be found:

  • Subject line: What the reader sees in their inbox. Make sure it’s not too long and not spammy.
  • Salutation: Directly addresses the person you’re sending the email to.
  • Introduction: Introduce the context of the email.
  • Body: This section explains the main message of the email.
  • Closing: Your email closing should be formal, not informal. Use your first and last name.

Consistency & Structure

Contact Lists: Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Myth: Email as many contacts as possible. The longer the list, the more people you reach, the better your results.

Don’t do that! You’ll waste too much time and money. It is important to make sure your email list is up to date and unclogged.  

Review your email analytics and take note of contacts who have not performed an action in a few months. Are they still valuable?

With regular list maintenance, you can make sure that you’re communicating with people who actually want to hear from you. 

Contact Lists: Bigger Isn’t Always Better

The Importance of Segmentation

Used as a personalization tactic to deliver more relevant email marketing to subscribers.

Segments are created so you can cater specifically to each different email list.

Ways you can segment your list:

  • Geographic email segmentation.
  • B2B and specialization email segmentation.
  • Content-specific email segmentation.
  • Behaviour-specific email segmentation.

The Importance of Segmentation


Email Personalization is a process that gives individual treatment to the customer and increases lead generation.

Email Personalization is important because it rewards customers with new experiences and improves relationships.

There are a number of ways that you can personalize your emails. Here are some advanced techniques:

  • Ask the right questions
  • Monitor abandoned cart
  • Provide product recommendations
  • Create a customer persona
  • Send trigger emails
  • Celebrate clients' achievements
  • Use dynamic content in your emails


Types of Emails

There is nothing worse than sending out emails that people dread reading and automatically send to the trash.

It is important to create snackable and relevant updates to ensure that your emails are actually enjoyable to read. 

What types of emails should you be sending out?

Types of Emails

New Subscriber Email

You want to build a quick foundation of trust with your consumer. 

Introduce your social media platforms and invite your audience to connect. 

You don’t want a long welcome email. If you have a lot to say, make a video

Don’t go in directly with what you’re selling. You should deliver an experience that leaves the consumer curious, so they can research further.

New Subscriber Email

Feedback Surveys  

Getting high response rates for your customer feedback survey starts with asking the respondent to fill in your survey by creating an effective customer satisfaction survey email.

Your email needs to make people want to start the survey. It doesn’t have to be long and complex. In fact, it should be short and to the point.

Remember the only goal of the invite is to persuade the respondent to provide their feedback on your organization.

Feedback Surveys


Wrapping It Up

Email is here to stay.

Focus on creating emails that are captivating, personalized, and consistent.

These are crucial steps to ensure that your customers are staying engaged and that your efforts are successful.

Wrapping It Up


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