Driving Content Engagement With Video and Humour

Knock knock. 

Who's there? 


Honeydew who? 

Honeydew, you wanna dance?

OK, so it's not the BEST joke in the world, but we bet you got a SMILE on your face or possibly a good eye roll or two.

Laughter truly is the best medicine, and it's also one way you can drive engagement on your social media content.

It helps pull your users in by breaking through the feed and makes your brand more relatable and more.

What's working?

The right kind of humour can easily make or break your video content.

Let’s break down humour in video and where/when to best use it.

What's working?

The Importance of Humour in Video

Humour isn’t specific to just one type of business; everyone can benefit from using it in their video.

It brings joy to many people and allows you to create a more relatable and happy space with your consumers.

Not all videos need to be funny; there’s a time and place.

The Importance of Humour in Video

Constructing Videos Across Multiple Platforms 

Here’s how you can create compelling video content:

  • Choose a video purpose
  • Choose your tone
  • Choose a video topic that’s guaranteed to get traction 
    • Blog Content
    • Customer Questions
    • Hacks, Tips and Tricks

Constructing Videos Across Multiple Platforms

  • Write a script and rehearse
    • Relate
    • Rile
    • Reveal
    • Release
  • Choose the correct format 
    • Portrait or Landscape
    • Identify the social media channel 

Constructing Videos Across Multiple Platforms

Example 1 - Robb Nash

The Robb Nash Project is a team dedicated to spreading hope through music and storytelling, providing a voice to the voiceless.

Robb Nash

Why does this work?

  • Robb is genuine when he talks and has animated body language.
  • It has a great storytelling flow.
  • The audience feels connected; becomes a part of the experience.
  • Perfect for social media; only a minute long.

Example 2 - Vidyard

Vidyard is an online video platform for businesses that allows you to increase leads, accelerate your pipeline and delight your customers.


Why does this work?

Vidyard used humour in this video to bring more attention to their blog post.

Not only does it provide some useful advice, but it shines a light on the company’s culture, creating a more welcoming environment.

Example 3 - Dollar Shave Club

With Dollar Shave Club, everything you need in the bathroom – from razor blades to grooming products – is automatically delivered to your door. It doesn't get any simpler than that.

Dollar Shave Club


Why does this work?

  • Utilizes humour through shocking dialogue.
  • Keeps you engaged in a product that may not be interesting to some.
  • Quick transitions that keep you focused on the speaker.

Example 4 - Sales Feed

Sales are highly competitive, mentally exhausting, and what works today may not work tomorrow. Sales Feed is here to help sellers stay sane and get ahead with fresh perspectives, timely insights, and comic relief


Sales Feed

Why does this work?

  • Highly relatable to those in the industry; makes it shareable.
  • Clever use of narrative; making it a highly engaging story.

Example 5 - Engaged Inc

Create listings on the Bridesmaid and the Groomsmen app so your business can be discovered, explored, and part of the wedding adventure. No matter the date or time, your business will be listed for engaged couples to browse.


Engaged Inc

Humour can be an effective way to grab your audience’s attention, but there’s also happiness!

Seeing a bride share her special day restores a little bit more faith in humanity.

With so much negativity in our world, a truly happy video encaptures the viewers.

Example 6 - Duolingo

Learning is easier when you're having fun, which is why Duolingo's free, bite-sized lessons feel more like a game than a textbook


Why does this work?

  • Turns the pain point of learning a new language into something fun
  • Removes the dry approach and takes modern steps
  • Is relatable
  • All in all, their techniques keep people entertained, coming back for more

Example 7 - Super Bowl Commercials

The Super Bowl is an enormously popular sporting event that takes place each year to determine the National Football League (NFL) champion. Broadcast in more than 170 countries, the Super Bowl is one of the most-watched sporting events in the world, with elaborate halftime shows and new commercials adding to the appeal.

Super Bowl Commercials

One great thing the Super Bowl brings is the commercials!

Some people tune in just to see what these companies will do.

Most, if not all, use humour to grasp the attention of the viewers.

People respond to humour well and are more likely to remember the content within.

How to Construct a Video

How to Construct a Video

Make TikTok videos with viral potential:

  • Get to the point
  • Use trending sounds or songs
  • Add trending hashtags
  • Tell a story through your video
  • Leave a little mystery… keep users coming back for more

Video Content Strategies - TikTok

Video Content Strategies - TikTok

Videos are the heart of TikTok.

Send the Right Signals to the TikTok Algorithm: Loops, Video Completions, Shares, Comments, and Likes.

Set up the reveal right at the beginning.

Compile a List of Trending Sounds for Future TikTok Videos.

Video Content Strategies - LinkedIn

Video Content Strategies - LinkedIn

LinkedIn video can bring authenticity and engagement.

The videos are cropped to a 1:1 (square) aspect ratio in the feed, so get your video as close to 1:1 as possible.

Include a clear, keyword-focused title and description when uploading your video.

Let’s wrap it up!


Let’s wrap it up!


Humour is an effective way to create a connection with your audience. But you have to remember when is the right time to use it.

And whether it’s subtle or in your face, humour will do the trick. Treat each platform differently.

Know your demographic and cater your video content to them.

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