How to Make Content that Drives Conversions and Leads

Creating content is great, but it needs to have a purpose for your audience.

Is it going to provide them with something useful?

If you want conversion and leads, the content has to be right.

Want to know how to make content that drives conversions and leads?

Let’s dive in!

What's working?

What's working?

Understanding the Persona

A representation of your ideal client or target audience.

Understanding the Persona

With a clear picture of who you're marketing to, it's much easier to develop effective, targeted content that speaks to your ideal buyer's goals and challenges.

  • What is their demographic profile?
  • What does a day in their life look like?
  • What are their pain points?
  • What do they value most?
  • What shopping experience are they looking for?

What Topics Lead to Sales?

Once you’ve decided which prospects you want to target, you have to give them a compelling reason to download your Lead Magnet.

Instead of trying to create something you think they could want, figure out what they already need and deliver that.

Find a common problem that your buyer persona faces and provide a quick solution to that problem.

What Topics Lead to Sales?

Leads: From Cold to Hot

Turning the heat up with cold leads is critical to moving them along your sales pipeline.

Here are a few ways you can go from a cold to hot lead through email marketing and nurture them:

  • Remind them of their prior interest.
  • Promote new products and offerings
  • Personalize your interactions 
  • Provide something valuable 

Leads: From Cold to Hot

Examples of Lead Magnets

Creating content that drives conversions means that you have to stand out from your competition, build relationships, and be of value to your desired audience.

How do we do this?

Offer informative and engaging pieces of content that helps your customers in their purchase and decision making journey. 

Examples of Lead Magnets

Ebook for First Time Homeowners 

Ebooks are one of the best lead magnets you can offer - provided they give true value.

They give your leads something more valuable and informative than just a simple checklist or infographic.

Ebooks can be used all over the web to grow your email subscriber list and generate brand awareness.

Ebook for First Time Homeowners

About Ebook for First Time Homeowners

Buying a home can be a difficult and emotional experience especially when it’s the first time purchasing.

It is essential to establish what you need versus what you want before you begin your home buying journey.

The Guide to First Time Homeowners helps in making your home buying experience simple and smooth.

Ebook for First Time Homeowners

Guide for Retirement Planning

The key with all Lead Magnets, but especially guides, is specificity!

A guide shows your audience what can be done to achieve a certain goal.

Your lead magnet guide should be able to provide the user with more knowledge and ways they can better themselves.

Guide for Retirement Planning

About Guide for Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement is no easy task and most people are thinking about it.

The pain point here is not having enough money for retirement.

This guide provides the user with ways they can begin their financial journey to a comfortable retirement.

Guide for Retirement Planning

Checklist for Event Planning

Everyone can benefit from a checklist, no matter the industry or area of concern. They are easy to digest, practical and straightforward.

Reasons people enjoy checklists:

  • Solves problems
  • Helps accomplish goals
  • Provides value with little effort

Checklist for Event Planning

About Checklist for Event Planning

The pain point here is that event planning can be chaotic.

This checklist simplifies the process and aids users in the right direction by breaking down tasks according to their timeline and category.

Checklist for Event Planning


  • Webinars offer educational video content that is highly engaging to the audience. 
  • Your audience has a chance to ask questions in live Q/A sessions. It’s a more personal engagement talking one on one.
  • Often when leads attend a webinar, they are already highly engaged in the content and have a higher chance of converting.



Calculators help users solve complicated equations and evaluate their standing in a particular situation.

Adding a calculator to your site can be a great aid for a positive user experience and increase the chances of them returning.


How to Develop the Funnel

By understanding your funnel, you can influence how your prospects move through it and whether they convert into paying customers.


  • Step 1: Analyze Your Audience’s Behavior:
    • The more you know about your audience, the more effective your funnel becomes.


  • Step 2: Capture Your Audience’s Attention:
    • Develop content for your target audience. Post content across all of your platforms.
    • Diversify with infographics, videos, and other types of content.


How to Develop the Funnel


  • Step 3: Build a Landing Page:
    • A landing page should steer the visitor toward the next step.
    • Create a bold CTA that tells them what to do, (downloading a free e-book or watching an instructional video.)


  • Step 4: Create an Email Campaign:
    • Market to your leads through email by providing the content.
    • Build up to the sale by educating them and providing valuable information. (Additional webinars. etc)


  • Step 5: Keep in Touch:
    • Continue reaching out to them.
    • Thank them for their purchases
    • Offer additional coupon codes,
    • Involve them in your social media sphere

Let’s wrap it up!

Build your personas to discover the type of topics that your audience will want.

There are many unique lead magnets you can use that drive conversion and leads.

Each one depends on your audience and if it will provide them with the value they are looking for. 

Let’s wrap it up!

We hope you enjoyed knowing about How to Make Content that Drives Conversions and Leads

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