Using Canva to Streamline Creative Production Workflows

Did you know that there's a difference between graphic design and production design?

The production design is when you develop an effective creative workflow that streamlines building and editing graphics and video for social media. 

Seem impossible? It's easier than you may think!

Marketers have long loved Canva because it is fast and easy!

With Canva, agencies of all sizes can efficiently streamline the creative process. 

When it comes to getting ahead of workflow inefficiencies, removing roadblocks and scaling your output, Canva may be the right fit for agencies.

What's working?

Collaboration is a wonderful thing, but it's not always easy. 

Things can get a little hectic (not to mention time-consuming) when you have various people weighing in on the same project. 

How do you ensure that quality work standards are met while saving time, energy and resources?

What's Working

Let’s talk about it.

Work Smarter!

(Not harder)

Canva is a great tool to ensure your team is on the same page when producing content.

Work Smarter!

Canva can help with:

  • Creating cohesive content
  • Team collaboration
  • Comments
  • Proof Sharing
  • Last-minute revisions

Create Your Brand Kit

Ensure your designs are cohesive and avoid confusion by developing your brand kit.

Create Your Brand Kit

You can add design rules such as: 

  • Official fonts
  • Official colours and palettes
  • Company logos

Explore Templates 

Canva is a great platform to get your creativity flowing.

It offers a collection of thousands of free templates to choose from that are ready-to-use for your projects.

Explore Templates

Whether you need a design for social media, video, presentations, or printing, Canva has a wide selection of templates for each platform.

Personalizing Templates

Personalize your template to suit your business by giving it flair and personality. You can use Canva to create your own custom branded template for future use.

Personalizing Templates

You can upload your own elements into Canva’s templates and publish them for other users.


You never have to leave Canva! They make it easy to:

  • Create designs for any occasion
  • Edit photos, remove backgrounds, etc.
  • Store your assets

One Stop Shop

Everything from fonts to stock photography and videos can be found on Canva!

Storing & Sharing Assets

Canva is great for collaboration for various reasons: 

  • You can share designs via email, links and folders
  • Folders are a great way to stay organized
  • Retain control over who can view and edit designs 

Storing & Sharing Assets

Work From Anywhere

Assets get stored in the cloud which is great for many reasons: 

  • No need to waste time sending large files to your team
  • Work from anywhere, anytime
  • Easily start a project at work and pick up right where you left off at home

Work From Anywhere

Edits & Tweaks

Aside from a stress-free design process, Canva is also great for those needing last-minute edits.

  • No need to hunt down your design team when a minor revision is needed
  • Edits can be made in the blink of an eye
  • Allows various members of your team to have access and be able to collaborate or update as needed

Edits & Tweaks

Time Saving Tools & Plugins

Common Production Design Tasks include:

  • Background Removal
  • Basic Image Retouching
  • Image Enhancements
  • Mock-Ups

Time Saving Tools & Plugins

Canva Effects and Plugins enable a Production Design team to edit and produce content quickly. Providing your design team more time to focus on more complicated projects.

Wrapping It Up

When it comes to increasing productivity and saving time, Canva is a powerful resource.

Wrapping It Up

It’s user-friendly, which makes it not only enjoyable but a great asset for your team. 

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